Restaurant: The Koutnys say goodbye after almost 40 years – Esslingen


Isabella and Alexander Koutny spent almost forty years in the Waldheim. Werner Pirner (left) stood up for them when they started. Photo: Roberto Bulgrin

The couple had been tenants of the TSG club restaurant Waldheim since 1981. The house needs to be renovated.

Esslingen – It is hard to believe to hear this sentence from Isabella Koutny: “I never wanted an economy because I knew how to do it.” Now she is sitting at the empty regulars table in the orphaned guest room of the Waldheim Zollberg and you can tell how it looks inside her. She and her husband Alexander didn’t quite manage 40. At the end of 2020, the Koutny couple retired after 39 years and a few months as hosts of the TSG Esslingen club restaurant. And especially Isabella Koutny is having a hard time.

The best from Esslingen.

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Restaurant Koutnys goodbye years Esslingen


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