Restrictions – Privileges for Vaccinated Persons? Maas’ approach to criticism


Foreign Minister Maas’ proposal to exempt people with corona vaccination from restrictions has met with criticism.

 The  board of the Patient Protection Foundation, Brysch, told the editorial network Germany that sticking together is now more important than polarizing. Maas is damaging the vaccination campaign, especially since nobody knows whether a person who has been vaccinated can pass the virus on, says Brysch. © The  FDP called Maas’ approach populist and ill-considered. ©

 The  chairman of the FDP parliamentary group in the health committee, Ullmann, said that this discussion could only be held if the vaccination offer was significantly broader.


 The  Federal Ministry of Health also rejected the proposal. Interventions in civil liberties must always be well founded, said a spokesman for the authority in Berlin. But as long as it is not clear whether vaccinated people are contagious or not, there can be no exceptions. ©

 The  Federal Ministry of Justice referred to a statement made by Minister Lambrecht a few days ago. ©

 The  SPD politician said in an interview that unequal treatment of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people is prohibited as long as there is no scientific evidence that the vaccination protects against the transmission of the virus.

Maas was the first federal minister to speak out in favor of those who had been vaccinated again to exercise their basic rights and to visit restaurants and cinemas. Other cabinet members oppose exceptions for vaccinated people.

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This message was broadcast on January 17th, 2021 on Deutschlandfunk.

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Restrictions Privileges Vaccinated Persons Maas approach criticism


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