Returnal is supposed to make the SSD of the PS5 glow


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In order not to lose players in Returnal after their digital demise, the SSD of the Sony PS5 should do a great job – developer Housemarque is declaring war on respawn times.

  • Returnal is a Rogue-like by developer Housemarquethat will be released for the Sony PS5.
  • Thanks to the lightning-fast SSD the console player immediately after death Returnal can get in.
  • A release for the SciFi adventure is already in sight – already on March 19th Returnal for the PlayStation 5 appear.

Helsinki – High in the north of Finland, after the release, the will be largely sold out Sony Console, currently working flat out on the next real exclusive prank for the PS5 crafted. ©

 The  elaborate title, on which the former pixel professionals from developers Housemarque currently working, listen to the catchy title Returnal. ©

 The  Rogue-like should thereby enhance the capabilities of PS5 to the limit and for player the already lightning fast SSD request the console.

Date of first publication March 19, 2021
developer Housemarque
editor Sony Interactive Entertainment
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Genre Rogue-like, shooter game, role-playing game, adventure game
platform PlayStation 5

Returnal: Should get everything out of the PS5 hardware – especially from the SSD

Sony delivers as promised. Already on March 19 should be with Returnal the next big one PS5 exclusive appear for the new console of the Japanese. One wants to focus on the virtues of the PS5 reflect. Next 3D Audio should get the game from developer Housemarque out Helsinki also take full advantage of the new features of the PS5 DualSense Controllers prescribe. Thanks to the adaptive trigger it will be possible to switch quickly between different fire modes by applying a certain pressure Returnal switch.

If you pull the first scenes out of the definitely tough one Rogue-like – with its three-dimensional bullethell excursions – that should be a practical, if not essential, skill to get into Returnal not throwing the good old PS5 pad on the poor wall early on. With all the projectiles on screen, some veterans might feel like they were in Nier Automata, which was probably the last secret to be extracted recently. Be that as it may – in addition to these finesses of the gameplay, the SSD the PS5 for the Gaming experience in Returnal be.

Returnal: SSD of the PS5 is optimally used for the rogue-like

As the colleagues from GameSpot report, should player after digital demise in Returnal basically back in the without any waiting time Housemarque Title can get in. This quasi non-existent loading time makes the rapid one possible SSD the PS5. If you consider that Returnal a so-called Rogue-like acts – a game in which playerafter they have blessed the temporal, have to start all over again – they should player sure pretty quickly about the fixed resuscitations thanks to the PS5 SSD looking forward.

Returnal is supposed to make the SSD of the PS5 glow

© Sony/Housemarque

Housemarque In addition, it has not been known in the past for making particularly simple games. So be prepared for one or the other time in Returnal to bite the grass. It doesn’t take too long before you get an idea of ​​the capabilities of the SSD in repetitive space fun. Returnal will be available on March 19th exclusively for the Sony PS5 appear.

Rubriklistenbild: © Sony/Housemarque

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Returnal supposed SSD PS5 glow


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