“Runs as planned”: Spahn defends vaccination speed – and makes promises


Runs as planned”
Spahn defends vaccination speed – and makes promises

The criticism of the sluggish vaccination start in Germany is increasing. Health Minister Spahn is defending the pace. All in all, it’s going well, he says on “RTL Aktuell”. He promises that all residents of nursing homes will be vaccinated by the end of the month – and comments on the lockdown extension.
Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has defended the speed of vaccinations in Germany against criticism from the SPD, the opposition and doctors. “ It is going exactly as planned,” said the CDU politician on “RTL Aktuell”. 1.3 million doses of vaccine had been delivered to the federal states by the end of the year. Another 4 million cans from Biontech would be added by the end of January. These are exactly the quantities that he had announced for weeks, “with the indication that it would be scarce at the beginning and that we therefore have to prioritize”.

The vaccination works “all in all well”. It was well prepared in the care facilities and vaccination centers. “ In doing everything goes as it should. That it would of course be nicer to have more vaccine is out of the question and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.” The federal government is talking to Biontech and the state of Hesse about how to create an additional production facility in Marburg as early as February. The vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer is so far the only one approved in the EU.

Spahn promised that all residents of nursing homes will be vaccinated in the course of January. “ We can achieve this goal in January. And we want to and will achieve that with the federal states.” It makes a “decisive difference in the course of the pandemic” if that succeeds. The virus is particularly brutal in the facilities.

For further school closings

Spahn also spoke out in favor of maintaining the nationwide lockdown beyond January 10th. “ In view of the still too high numbers, it is necessary to extend the measures, the restrictions,” said the CDU politician at “RTL Aktuell”. There is currently a maximum number of corona patients in the intensive care units. One must now “absolutely” reduce the number of infections and keep them low for a longer period of time. “ That is better than loosening up too early and then possibly facing difficult questions again in a few weeks.”

Next Tuesday, the federal and state governments will negotiate further lockdown measures. Then it would have to be discussed for how long and to what extent they would have to be extended, said Spahn. He also believes that schools and daycare centers should be closed again. That is difficult for students and parents. “ But here, too, the following applies: It is easier for everyone to have schools for a week longer than to open them and then be faced with debates again at some point in a few weeks.” It is easier to get an extension from the vacation than at a later point in time.

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