S6 in the direction of Schwabstrasse: Man exposes himself in the Stuttgart S-Bahn – Stuttgart


Von red / len

The young woman left the S-Bahn at the Schwabstrasse stop (symbol picture).

Foto: Lichtgut / Max Kovalenko / Lichtgut / Max Kovalenko

A man gets on an S-Bahn in the direction of Schwabstrasse at the Stuttgart-Stadtmitte stop on Wednesday. While driving, he bares his genitals. A young woman reports the incident to the police, who are now looking for witnesses.

Von red / len

07.01.2021 – 12:45 p.m.

Stuttgart – A suspected exhibitionist exposed himself on Wednesday afternoon around 2.15 p.m. in an S-Bahn line S6 in the direction of Stuttgart Schwabstrasse. According to previous knowledge of the police, the unknown man got on the S-Bahn at the Stadtmitte stop and sat down in a seating group opposite an 18-year-old traveler.

During the journey he is said to have exposed his member and touched there. When the young woman noticed this, she sat around and shortly afterwards left the S-Bahn at the Schwabstrasse stop. She reported the incident to the police at a later date. The alleged perpetrator is described as a man around 35 years old with a Central European phenotype. At the time of the crime, he is said to have worn mouth and nose protection, black jeans, a black wool hat and a dark softshell jacket with red and orange accents.

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The federal police have started investigations into the incident on suspicion of an exhibitionist act. Witnesses should call 07 11/87 03 50.

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