Safety Concerns: Turning Your Back on Whatsapp? Tell us why and where it is going!



Many users are currently deleting their Whatsapp accounts and switching to apps such as Threema or Signal. Are you one of them?  The n explain to us why.

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Whatsapp changes its terms and conditions on February 8th.

Whatsapp changes its terms and conditions on February 8th.

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Private information of users of business accounts is now shared with Facebook.

Private information of users of business accounts is now shared with Facebook.

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However, this does not affect European citizens.

However, this does not affect European citizens.

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  • Whatsapp adjusted its terms and conditions about a week ago.

  • Users had to agree that private data could now be shared with the parent company Facebook.

  • Many users do not like this.

  • © The refore, other apps like Signal or Threema can experience a real rush.

  • Are you leaving Whatsapp too? Tell us why!

More than a week after Whatsapp announced new terms and conditions, the topic is far from forgotten. More and more users are turning their backs on the chat service and moving their private conversations to apps such as Signal, Threema and Telegram. Indeed, Signal has been loud for the past few days Associated Press 17.8 million downloads. That is 61 times more than in an ordinary week.

It looks similar with Telegram. © The  chat app was downloaded 15.7 million times, which is around twice as many as normal. And the Swiss messaging app Threema also recorded a five-fold increase in the number of downloads.

Do you turn your back on Whatsapp too? Or do your friends migrate to another app and you are forced to follow suit? Tell us about your reasons for not using Whatsapp any more or why you still decided to stay on Whatsapp!

Whatsapps damage control

Although more and more users are switching from Whatsapp to another app, Whatsapp is still the leading chat app in the app stores. Since 2014, the messenger has been installed a full 5.6 billion times on smartphones all over the world. © The  company is also currently actively trying to limit the damage. To this end, it has published an infographic and a new FAQ page designed to resolve the confusion surrounding the new terms and conditions.

In it, the company makes it clear that the private messages that users send via WhatsApp remain private. © The y cannot be viewed or evaluated by Whatsapp because they are end-to-end encrypted. © The  new terms and conditions mainly relate to business accounts. Only from these will Whatsapp increasingly share data with the parent company Facebook in the future. It is also stated that for private users from the EU area (including Switzerland) nothing will change in how Whatsapp shares data.

If you still want to switch to another app, we have put together a list of which chat apps are currently particularly popular and how secure they are.

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