Safety of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign: France introduces Synapse Medicine’s “Medication Shield”


Bordeaux, France, Jan. 23 / PRNewswire / Synapse Medicine, founded by public health doctors, is launching its Medication Shield solution to work with the Regional Pharmacovigilance Centers (CRPV) and the French Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) to ensure the safety of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign to ensure in France. This solution saves valuable time as it simplifies the management of adverse drug reactions (ADR) reports and enables pharmacovigilance teams to focus on the worst cases to concentrate. Because the COVID-19 vaccines were developed in a short time, it is imperative to be rigorous and responsive when monitoring any adverse drug reactions.

 The  unique “Medication Shield” technology simplifies the management of reports on adverse drug reactions (ADRs)

In France, the monitoring of the safety of medicines, especially vaccines, is carried out by the ANSM and the CRPV. Synapse Medicine has been collaborating with these healthcare institutions on a research project for the past 18 months that aims to help manage pharmacovigilance cases. This technology, called “Medication Shield”, manages ADR reports (which are submitted by the public in the online portal) in real time, automatically codes them according to an international classification (MedDRA) and classifies them according to severity. Given the current situation, which requires increased pharmacovigilance and responsiveness to COVID-19 vaccines, the ANSM has decided to implement the Medication Shield on a national level. This technology allows ANSM and CRPV monitoring teams to analyze reports of ADR reports more quickly, depending on their severity.

Artificial intelligence to simplify the pharmacovigilance of COVID-19 vaccines

© The  COVID-19 vaccines could be made available to the population quickly thanks to innovative development processes. However, this is forcing public health authorities to expand their systems of protection against drug risks and to rapidly introduce strengthened pharmacovigilance systems.

© The  Medication Shield acts as a collective protective shield. It allows pharmacovigilance professionals, doctors, and pharmacists to save time managing ADR reports and focus their attention on the most serious cases. ©

 The  main challenge is to monitor in real time all unexpected events after the COVID-19 vaccination and in general after the use of any medicine“, explains Clément Goehrs, co-founder and CEO of Synapse Medicine.

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Synapse Medicine ( is committed to providing access to reliable and useful drug information. This start-up, which works with some of the leading French hospitals, has developed a medication intelligence platform dedicated to the proper use of medicines. Its completely independent solution is considered a benchmark in its field and is used by thousands of healthcare professionals and patients.

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Safety Covid19 vaccination campaign France introduces Synapse Medicines Medication Shield


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