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Samsung Galaxy A51 with Allnet Flat for 16 euros per month


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If you are currently looking for a really good Samsung cell phone with an extensive all-network flat rate, then you can make a real bargain. For a short time there is the Samsung Galaxy A51 with 7 GB LTE data volume and Allnet Flat for 16 euros a month. GIGA has the details for you.

Samsung Galaxy A51 with tariff for 16 euros per month


 The  Samsung Galaxy A51 is one of the most popular smartphones in Germany. This is simply because the price-performance ratio is right. But if you don’t want to buy the cell phone like that and would rather have it with a good tariff, you can buy blue now. ©

 The re is the Galaxy A51 with the XL tariff, which includes 7 GB LTE data volume, an all-network and SMS flat rate, for a mere 15.99 euros per month. For the cell phone you only have to make an additional payment of 37 euros. In the end, you get a decent cell phone with enough mobile data volume for a manageable monthly fee.


 The  details of the tariff at a glance:

  • 7 GB monthly LTE data volume
  • Allnet flat rate for telephony and SMS
  • EU-Roaming inklusive
  • Telefónica network (o2)
  • LTE with up to 21.6 Mbit / s
  • 15.99 euros monthly costs
  • No connection price
  • 24 month contract term

So if you add up the 17.99 euros for 24 months and the 37 euros one-time additional payment for the mobile phone, you get 420.76 euros in two years. ©

 The  cell phone is currently available for individual purchase for around 250 euros. If you deduct that, the tariff effectively only pays 7.11 euros per month. For a tariff with 7 GB RAM LTE data volume, that’s not much.

Who is this tariff deal for?

Ultimately, for everyone who wants a manageable expense with 16 euros a month and still receives a very good mobile phone and a great tariff. So you are very well equipped for the next two years and you don’t have to spend too much per month. If the Galaxy A51 is not enough for you, you could also use the Galaxy S20 FE, which we describe in our other tariff deal.

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Samsung Galaxy A51 Allnet Flat euros month


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