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On November 23, the entertainer and actor Karl Dall died at the age of 79 as a result of a stroke (Our obituary). Shortly before his death he was engaged for a guest role in the ARD telenovela “Rote Rosen”. The first scenes with him were shot in Lüneburg, but they will not be seen. As the ARD now informs, all scenes with Karl Dall are cut out and not shown.

The broadcast of the corresponding episodes was originally planned for mid-January. The press spokeswoman for the production company Studio Hamburg Serienwerft, Daniela Behns, announced Editorial Network Germany (RND) with the fact that unfortunately only a few incoherent scenes were shot that would not fit into the context. There was a brief consideration of using the material as a dream sequence for the role of Hannes Lüder, but since the scenes do not fit into any context, unfortunately, we will not be able to use them.

Actually, Dall was supposed to play Richie Sky for 15 episodes, an internationally successful rock star who pays a band buddy from the old days to his hometown Lünebürg. However, after the first three days of shooting, Dall suddenly suffered a stroke from which he could no longer recover. He died less than two weeks later.

The decision was made against filling the role again. The story of Hannes Lüder (Claus Dieter Clausnitzer), who was supposed to meet his old friend Richie, is now told differently. The books have been rewritten accordingly.

Karl Dall started his career in 1967 with the humorous music group Insterburg & Co. After the band broke up, he was increasingly active in television from the 1980s, including as a chaotic projectionist and fun phone operator for “Do you understand fun?”. He also wrote TV history as the inventor of the disrespectful nonsense bar show “Dall-As”.

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