Schlager: Andreas Gabalier publicly humiliated – popular pop star defends him


Andreas Gabalier has been the target of hate comments in recent weeks. Now it’s enough for a Schlager colleague and assesses what Andreas Gabalier’s talent for singing is all about.

Graz – The last few weeks flew Pop star Andreas Gablier (36) a lot of criticism around the ears. The reason for this was two TV appearances that got a little bit wrong vocally. The folk musician was accused of no tact to have and not being able to sing.

After the violent blasphemy attacks, DJ Ötzi jumps to the side of his Schlager colleague Andreas Gabalier.

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Andreas Gabalier had to endure violent insults. But now steps a famous pop star one and takes the Austrians protection.

Heavy criticism of the pop singer Andreas Gabalier

beginning of December Andres Gabalier embarrassed himself in the RTL program “King of the Grownups”. The pop star should sing songs in the game show, which should then be sung by Chris Tall (29) or Mario Barth (48). The Austrian revealed to an audience of millions that the 36-year-old’s voice is not always as tight as his lederhosen. Many viewers wrote nasty comments under the YouTube video of Andreas Gablier’s appearance. “Awful! Is the Gabalier drunk ?! “and” I’m shocked how little sense of rhythm and rhythm the Gabalier has “are just two of these comments. (Here is an overview of the greatest pop stars of all time)

The musician wanted to prove his skills again on ORF2 and sang famous Christmas classics. Also this one Appearance ended in disaster. The 36-year-old was torn to pieces by the press for this performance. “Gabalier: Christmas at the ENT ambulance” was the headline of A Schlager colleague doesn’t like this harsh criticism at all. DJ Ötzi (49) steps in and wants to find out whether Andreas Gabalier can now sing or not. (Heartbreak and marital crisis, love broke with these pop stars)

DJ Ötzi estimates the singing talent of pop star Andreas Gabalier

DJ Ötzi has been a successful hit star himself for more than 20 years and knows his way around harsh criticism. The musician with the hits “Anton aus Tirol” and “Hey Baby!” Was often said to not being a real singer. “Of course I can sing. If you listen carefully, you will notice that, too, ”joked DJ Ötzi about his own singing talent to And how does the folk music star rate Andreas Gabalier’s vocal skills?

The 36-year-old would be a very good singer, explained DJ Ötzi. “Someone, who fills stadiums every evening and puts people in a good mood, he is right where he is ”, the folk musician pointed out. For the fans of Andreas Gabalier, folk music Rock’n’Roller is a great musician and entertainer anyway (around 1,640,000 monthly listeners on Spotify).

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Schlager Andreas Gabalier publicly humiliated popular pop star defends


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