Shock separation at GZSZ: Olivia Marei shed real tears!


The relationship between the GZSZ couple Toni (Olivia Marei) and Erik (Patrick Heinrich, 35) was not a good star right from the start. The aspiring chef now committed another crime out of desperation and put his girlfriend in a bind to choose between job and love. Because the ex-convict destroyed Toni’s trust so much, the policewoman decided to part with Erik. The script also made actress Olivia extremely emotional.

“I had tears in my eyes when I read the scenes of the breakup and I’m still so sad about it today. Patrick and I’m also very close in real life and were both shocked that we had to give up ERNI (nickname for Erik + Toni) as we know her, “the actress told im RTL-Interview. Although the separation did not come as a surprise to the red-haired beauty, she is saddened by the end: “I never expected it to happen so quickly. After all, Toni and Erik are a perfect match, despite their differences.”

In the past, Toni often had to justify the actions of her loved one in front of friends and colleagues, but was always at his side despite his mistakes. Why did this act of desperation lead to the couple making love? Olivia declared: “In Toni’s eyes it is the greatest breach of trust that he did not ask her for help in the moment of need, when the picture was broken. This causes her to lose faith in their relationship.”

Toni (Olivia Marei) and Erik (Patrick Heinrich) on “Good times, bad times”
Toni (Olivia Marei) bei GZSZ
Erik (Patrick Heinrich) and Toni (Olivia Marei) in a scene in “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”

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Shock separation GZSZ Olivia Marei shed real tears


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