Shortly before Trump’s handover: the feud between Melania and Ivanka comes to a head


Shortly before the handover of the elected US President Donald Trump to Joe Biden, one pulls CNN-Journalist summarizes again and notes that the years in the White House have not left the Trump family without a trace.

Melania and Ivanka Trump don’t want to be in the same room

Above all, Ivanka Trump’s relationship with her stepmother Melania Trump, who is said to have been tense even before Trump’s election as US president, has cracked further.  The  tensions between the Trump daughter and his wife are said to go so far that both women would now avoid spending time together in the same room.

© The  two women are arguably the most powerful and influential in the president’s life, and prior to the White House years, according to family sources who know about the dynamics, both were aware of and respected each other’s turf,” writes the journalist in an article for CNN. However, Ivanka Trump’s intrusions into Melania Trump’s remits “have created tensions among women that are so dire […]that neither of them has the desire to be in the same room, “the article said, citing an insider.

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Shortly Trumps handover feud Melania Ivanka


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