Siegfried Fischbacher’s sister talks about his last hours


Siegfried Fischbacher died of cancer last week at the age of 81. His illness had already been reported shortly before. Now his sister talks about the end of her brother’s life.

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Siegfried Fischbacher’s sister Margot says she is happy that she was able to talk to her brother on the phone “in the last hour of life” before his death. “He was at peace with himself and devoted to his fate,” she told “Bunte” magazine.

“He thought he would see Roy again in the afterlife”

“He wasn’t afraid and wasn’t sad either,” explained Margot Fischbacher, who goes by the name of Sister Dolore to a Franciscan order in Munich. Siegfried Fischbacher, who was born in Rosenheim in Bavaria, died of pancreatic cancer on January 13 at the age of 81 – eight months after his partner Roy Horn died of the effects of Covid-19.

Siegfried & Roy were world famous for their appearances with white tigers and lions. (Source: photo report / dpa)

“I am comforted that Siegfried left in peace and in the sure belief that he would see Roy again in the afterlife,” said 78-year-old Margot Fischbacher. © The  money from his property will go to a foundation to preserve the white tigers. ©

 The  animals were for many years the trademark of the magic shows of “Siegfried and Roy” in Las Vegas. “It was very important to them that this species be preserved,” says Margot Fischbacher.

After Roy’s death in May 2020, Fischbacher spoke about losing his best friend. He told “Bild am Sonntag” that Roy was still with him. “I’ll keep covering for him at dinner, as it always was. I’m not alone.” If Fischbacher has his way, he is now reunited with his life partner.

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Siegfried Fischbachers sister talks hours


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