Signal: WhatsApp users are now being attracted with a cheeky trick


 The  Signal Messenger has found a way to move even more users away from WhatsApp and towards their own app. © The  measure is cheeky, but it could be very effective.

© The  competition Signal against WhatsApp has taken a surprising turn for both messengers since Facebook announced a major change in WhatsApp’s terms and conditions. © The  result was a loss of millions of WhatsApp users, but a huge influx of Signal users. To further strengthen this, Signal Messenger has thought of something new.

Signal instead of WhatsApp: That could bring even more users

Whether the approach is cheeky or forward-looking can be discussed. What is certain, however, is that Signal Messenger has some new functions that are very reminiscent of the competition. Eight new features that former WhatsApp users are already familiar with can be found in the beta version of the latest update. © The  transition to Signal from WhatsApp could be made easier on the one hand, and on the other hand, Sinal may attract additional users.

© The  massive server failure caused by the unexpected influx recently demonstrated that the switch to Signal Messenger is enormous. And users continue to consciously switch from Facebook and WhatsApp to the app, which is considered to be comparatively safer. © The  signal functions now additionally introduced according to show how Signal makes use of this.

8 new signal functions:

  • Chat-Wallpaper
  • Contact info
  • animated stickers
  • use less data for calls
  • Contact suggestions
  • automatic download of media
  • Group calls
  • shareable link to invite to a group

Can Signal WhatsApp steal even more users?

It is not yet clear how the Signal update will be received by WhatsApp and its remaining users. It remains to be seen whether the Signal Messenger can gain even more new fans. It is clear, however, that Facebook and WhatsApp have not done themselves any good with the new terms and conditions. This is now clear to companies, which is why WhatsApp has already given the all-clear. At the same time, WhatsApp has launched an unprecedented campaign in India.

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Signal WhatsApp users attracted cheeky trick


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