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Bischofshofen – Tuesday, January 5th, 2021, 9:16 am

Although the leader of the Four Hills Tournament Kamil Stoch has the routine and top form, according to Austria’s ski jumping expert Andreas Goldberger, the matter is not over before the final in Bischofshofen on Wednesday.

“Bischofshofen was the most difficult jump for me. Up there, alone, in the finals – that’s the most important jump of your life and you feel so alone. If you survive that, you are a worthy tour winner,” explains Goldberger .

As a two-time tour champion, Stoch is familiar with the situation, but everything can go quickly in Bischofshofen, explains Goldberger in the official tour podcast. “The run-up to Bischofshofen is so long that a lot of thoughts can rush through your head. One small mistake and the tour is over,” says the two-time winner of the traditional event.

Before the last two jumps of the 69th edition, the Pole Stoch leads 15.2 points (8.4 m) in front of his compatriot Dawid Kubacki and 20.6 points (11.4 m) in front of the Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud.

Former German top jumper Martin Schmitt – like Goldberger, he is now working as a TV expert – Granerud believes one last counterattack. “I found Granerud extremely balanced on the tour. He had a small period of weakness in Innsbruck, but he will definitely attack again.”

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ÖSV eagle at the conciliatory end of the tour in Bischofshofen

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