Social partners: General KV on entry and occupational group tests is an important milestone on the way out of the crisis


General KV for testing and wearing masks in the factories now completed – important basis for opening steps created

Vienna (OTS) © The  development of the test strategy in Austria is a central component in overcoming the Corona crisis. Associated with this is the clarification of important labor law framework conditions. With the aim of containing the COVID-19 pandemic, preventing further lockdowns and giving people the freedom they are used to, step by step, the social partners and the industrial association have signed a general collective agreement with important labor law and operational accompanying measures to implement the state strategy for Comprehensive, regular COVID-19 tests agreed. © The  creation of operational test options, their integration into the public test strategy and the funding by the federal government are decisive for the success of a broad use of these tests.

© The  social partners and IV are thus making an important contribution to combating the pandemic and overcoming the crisis. © The  aim is for business and social life to be restored as soon as possible. Regular testing in the factories makes a significant contribution.

© The  cornerstones of the general collective agreement:

• Regular tests prescribed by certain occupational groups must be carried out during working hours with continued payment of wages.

• If the test is not possible in the company, the time for the test in public facilities including the arrival and departure is working time.

• For employees who do not have to take tests, tests should be taken outside of working hours if possible. If this is not possible, there is an exemption once a week.

© The  respective date is to be determined by mutual agreement between employer and employee.

• Employees may not be disadvantaged or dismissed for taking the test or for a positive test.

• Employees who are required to wear a mask due to laws and ordinances must be allowed to remove the mask for at least 10 minutes after 3 hours.

© The  general collective agreement applies to all commercial enterprises.

AK President Renate Anderl:

“We all want normality soon, in work and in private life. Vaccinations that are as extensive as possible will make a very important contribution to this. Until then, regular tests are essential to contain the pandemic effectively. I am convinced that the low-threshold access to tests including labor security will motivate many people to get tested – the general collective agreement creates the necessary framework conditions. © The  fact that the mask requirement now also includes the right to relief from wearing a mask is also a relief for the employees. ”

Austrian Chamber of Commerce President Harald Mahrer:

“People and companies want to finally get out of lockdown and work again. What we need are: sensible solutions, the greatest possible planability and perspective. Everyone should be able to make use of the rapid tests on offer. In this way we get air to breathe until a sufficient vaccination is achieved. ”

ÖGB President Wolfgang Katzian:

“Regular tests are an important step on the way out of lockdown. © The  more that are offered, the more people will be tested. In this sense, it is essential that as many companies as possible offer tests and that these take place during working hours. I am pleased that the general collective agreement takes the first important step towards relieving the burden of permanent mask wear. Anyone who wears a mask for a long period of time knows how exhausting it is and how necessary it is to take a deep breath in between. We will invite employers’ organizations that are not members of the Chamber of Commerce to join this General KV as well. ”

Chamber of Agriculture President Josef Moosbrugger:

Agriculture has been massively affected by the Corona crisis and has a great interest in a quick return to normalcy. Food production is systemically important. © The  farms, but also the upstream and downstream commercial enterprises, have to keep going. We therefore welcome all regulations that help people to be tested as often as possible. This is the only way to prevent the spread of the virus in the population and in companies. All professional groups must pull together to achieve this. It goes without saying that we recommend that the social partners in agriculture and forestry follow the agreed rules.

Georg Knill, President of the Federation of Industry:

“We all urgently need a clear perspective on how things will continue in the next few months. Regular tests can make a decisive contribution to reducing the corona restrictions and paving the way towards normalcy. Numerous companies in the industry have been providing their employees with opportunities for voluntary tests for months. (PWK013)

Inquiries & contact:

Nani Kauer, AK Vienna
Media spokeswoman for the president
T: +43 1 50165 13733

Sonja Horner, WKÖ
Speaker of the President
T: +43 5 90 900 4462

Litsa Kalaitzis, ÖGB
Press Secretary for the President
T: +43 1 53444 39281

Josef Siffert, LKÖ
Head of Communication
T: +43 1 534418521

Sandra Bijelic, IV
Press officer
T: +43 1 711 35 2305

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Social partners General entry occupational group tests important milestone crisis


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