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Horror over anti-corona measures demo on Sunday
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Hundreds of demonstrators stood on the main market, some without a minimum distance.

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The -new year in Nuremberg begins with scenes in the city center that are more than extraordinary for this time: “ Oh how beautiful it is!”, Bawling citizens on Jakobsplatz again and again.

The -German national anthem was then sung. Well over 300 Corona opponents and deniers celebrated themselves and their resistance on Sunday in Nuremberg. Mostly without a mask, without a safety distance – but with many theories.

Without distance and mask: police dissolve corona demo – criticism of use

The -day after, there is sheer horror at these pictures and videos on social media. How can it be, please, that all contact must be restricted, clinics and retirement homes sound the alarm and then gathering participants in the city center are allowed to provide such party scenes? This question worries, stirs up. Sometimes it is made objective, sometimes emotional and often foamy.

In the middle of lockdown: Hundreds of “lateral thinkers” on Nuremberg’s main market

Despite the cancellation of the demonstration, several hundred corona deniers gathered in downtown Nuremberg on Sunday afternoon.
The -demonstrators ignored the city’s ban and the police had to intervene. Counter-demonstrators were also quickly on site.

The -spontaneous meeting “ Pro Infection Prevention Measures” was approved by the police and assigned to a separate place.

Originally even thousands of lateral thinkers from all over Germany wanted to make their way to Nuremberg. Several large demonstrations have been registered for it. Among other things at the Dutzendteich.

The -city banned this protest with reference to infection protection. However, the opponents of the measure did not let that stop them. They came anyway and requested “spontaneous demonstrations”, that is: one hour in one place.

The -police approved these protests. They took place from 5 to 6 p.m. on the main market in front of the Frauenkirche. From there, the mask opponents then moved to Jakobsplatz, where they held speeches for another hour at the next “spontaneous demonstration” and danced to samba rhythms.

Where is the pandemic situation?”

At the same time as the lateral thinkers, around 200 participants had gathered under the motto “ Pro infection control measures”.

The -police prevented a meeting of opponents of corona measures and supporters.

Hard lockdown: These rules have been in effect since Wednesday December 16

At a special meeting of the federal and state governments, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the state leaders decided to go into a hard lockdown from Wednesday, December 16. These rules apply throughout Germany from Wednesday.

To the great jubilation of the lateral thinkers, the speeches repeatedly denounced the mask requirement with which people become “subjects”. “ Where is the pandemic situation?” Someone calls into the microphone. His explanation:
The -demonstrators, who have been traveling all over Germany for weeks and do not care about any requirements, are the best proof that politics and the media are lying: “ You are in very good health and still there.”

Complete lockdown? Which shops are open – and which are not

In view of the rising number of infections, the federal and state governments decided on Sunday to take more drastic measures. Retail is slated to close from December 16 through January 10. Is it going to be a complete lockdown? Almost, as one or two exceptions are noted in the draft resolution. We list which stores are open and which have to close.

The -pictures and videos, some of which are reminiscent of a boisterous carnival or a late New Year’s Eve party, spread rapidly in social networks. Thorsten Brehm finds what was going on in Nuremberg “disturbing”.

The -parliamentary group leader of the SPD commented on a corresponding contribution with the reference to an “intellectual lockdown”. As can be seen from the symbols, flags and clothing, there were many right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists among the participants. Brehm: “ Anyone who marches there knows the direction.”

Greens: Framework deployment concept would have prevented scenes

The -police reported 117 violations of the Infection Protection Act. “ Given the incidence value in Nuremberg, these are devastating numbers,” says Verena Osgyan, Deputy Leader of the Greens in the Bavarian State Parliament, and underlines her demand for a police deployment concept that is oriented towards infection protection. “ Such scenes could have been prevented with a framework deployment concept for the police forces.”

The -Nuremberg alliance Nazi stop wonders what kind of sense a ban on demonstrations actually makes if the “ Corona rebels can then do what they want?”

The -city of Nuremberg emphasizes once again that the large demonstrations that were requested did not take place, but rather the spontaneously registered meetings in the city center.

The -police regularly advised the participants to observe the distance rules and the mask requirement. There were a total of ten reports, among other things because of resistance.

The -police also issued 50 dismissals.

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