St.Gallen: Vaccination for high-risk patients expanded



Canton of St.Gallen extends vaccinations to high-risk patients outside the homes: the most important questions and answers

From next week, risk patients and
-patients vaccinated in six specialized practices in the canton of St.Gallen. Registration is via the family doctors. From January 25th, general practitioners’ practices will also be allowed to administer the vaccine.

The approval of the Moderna vaccine makes it possible: In the canton of St.Gallen, population groups who are not housed in old people’s or nursing homes can soon be vaccinated.

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(off / mlb) So far, the canton of St.Gallen has only vaccinated people in old people’s and nursing homes against Corona. The delivery of further vaccination doses and the Moderna vaccine now make it possible to expand vaccinations. Starting next week, high-risk patients who do not live in an elderly or nursing home can also be vaccinated. These vaccinations are carried out by six regional specialist practices. This is what the health department of the canton of St.Gallen wrote in a communiqué on Tuesday evening. However, it says:

“The amount of vaccine is still scarce and vaccination appointments can only be offered for a limited time. The most vulnerable people have first priority. “

The following are the most important questions and answers about the vaccination campaign:

Who can be vaccinated now?

People over 80 who do not live in a retirement or nursing home. Regardless of age, other high-risk patients also have access to the vaccination. The canton relies on the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health.

Where and when is vaccination done?

Vaccination will initially take place in six regional specialized practices, starting on January 18th. From January 25, vaccination should also be possible in general practitioners’ practices. This is what the Moderna vaccine makes possible. “This vaccine is less complicated to transport and store and can be stored in the refrigerator for 30 days,” writes the canton.

How does the registration for a vaccination in the specialized practices work?

The registration for the vaccination does not take place at the specialized practices, but runs through the general practitioners. From next Friday, the general practitioners’ practices can refer their patients to the six regional specialized practices. “Because there are only a few vaccine doses available, the vaccination appointments are likely to be booked up quickly and waiting times can arise,” writes the health department. The six main regional practices do not accept direct registrations for a vaccination themselves.

How many doses of the Moderna vaccine does the canton expect?

Around 10,000 vaccine doses of the Moderna vaccine have currently been announced for the canton of St.Gallen. This means that 5,000 people can be vaccinated, as this vaccine also requires two vaccinations.

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StGallen Vaccination highrisk patients expanded


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