St. Georg Hospital: Throat rinsing instead of stick test


According to its own information, the St. Georg Clinic in Leipzig offers an expanded range of options for patients who can be tested for the corona virus on site. If the test result was positive, those affected would have immediate access to comprehensive treatment, advice and long-term follow-up care. That happens regardless of the severity of the disease, it said.  The  prerequisite is that the patient is either self-paying or that the test is paid for by the employer.

Appointments for the corona tests are given on the Internet. © The  chief physician of the central medical laboratory, Dr. Stephan Borte, explained: “Samples are taken with throat rinsing water and are more comfortable for the patient than conventional sampling with a stick – with the same quality.” To do this, the patients would have to gargle a medicinal water that tastes slightly salty for a few seconds. © The  solution is then spat out and subjected to a PCR test in the laboratory. “© The  test result is available within a day and can be called up securely by the patient via barcode from home on the computer or via mobile phone or tablet,” said the chief doctor. According to the information, the test at the clinic costs 150 euros.

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Georg Hospital Throat rinsing stick test


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