State Councilor Kaineder Corona tested positive


UPPER / DIETACH. Provincial Councilor Stefan Kaineder has tested positive for Covid-19, “luckily almost symptom-free” like him on his Facebook site notifies.

He only had mild symptoms and was official until Wednesday, April 13th. January, in quarantine, so Kaineder in his Facebook post. He is likely to have contracted his wife, who tested positive on January 2nd. Kaineder, who lives in Dietach, Steyr-Land district, had a slight cough shortly afterwards, which is why the test was also prescribed for him.
Quarantined until Wednesday

“The good thing: The whole family has been in self-imposed quarantine since New Year’s Eve, which officially lasts until next Wednesday for me. Fortunately we are all doing very well and are fit again! We hope it stays that way, ”said Kaineder. “We are glad that we stayed at home at the first signs and therefore hopefully did not infect anyone. It shows how treacherous this disease is and that one cannot be too careful. Therefore my appeal: Go test it! It is uncomplicated, free of charge and an important tool in the fight against the pandemic! ”Appeals the state council.

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State Councilor Kaineder Corona tested positive


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