State theaters remain closed: The attempt at a perspective – culture


Opera and theater in Stuttgart remain closed.  Photo: Lichtgut

Opera and theater in Stuttgart remain closed.

Photo: Lichtgut

The extension of the theater closure in Stuttgart is painful, but necessary, comments our author Susanne Benda.

By Susanne Benda

January 12th, 2021 – 5:20 pm

Stuttgart – The cultural diet continues, and the bad thing is that nobody knows when starving souls can finally hope for something they have again. Maybe it will start again in mid-March, but maybe not until Easter week. Or, if the mutated virus wants it so, not until May. On Thursday, the State Theaters and the Ministry of Science and the Arts will define an initial strategy. Your decision to extend the closure and your scenario of a possible reopening should serve as a model for other cultural institutions. He is a model: We can count on this culture – always with reservations – in the coming months. On top of that, it is an attempt to counter the strenuous short-term alternation between planning and rejecting with a longer-term perspective.

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State theaters remain closed attempt perspective culture


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