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In view of the precarious situation in the coronavirus pandemic, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called on companies and employees to work more from home together with the social partners. “Wherever possible”, contacts should also be reduced in working life, demanded Steinmeier.  The refore, the joint appeal to companies, HR managers and executives is: “Make it possible to work from home.” That is “not always ideal”, but “certainly protects against infection”.

Home office with children

Working from home and homeschooling can be a huge burden for families and especially mothers

Employees, on the other hand, should accept appropriate offers and not go to the office “if they don’t have to,” warned Steinmeier at the joint appearance at Bellevue Palace. Every bus or train journey avoided helps to contain the pandemic. It is true that more and more people in Germany are being vaccinated against the corona virus, Steinmeier said. But it is still a while before anyone who wants to can be vaccinated. ©

 The refore a “joint effort for the whole of society” is now necessary.


 The  President of the Federal Association of German Employers’ Associations (BDA), Rainer Dulger, explained that companies and unions have so far handled the difficult Corona situation very responsibly and that many companies are already offering their employees home office. But more could be done.

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 The  chairman of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB), Reiner Hoffmann, stated: Working from home is an effort for many people and sometimes it doesn’t work. He mentioned activities in production, supply, care and local transport that “are simply not possible in the home office”. It is all the more important “that all possibilities for using the home office are exhausted in order to further limit and suppress the occurrence of infections”.

According to a representative survey by the opinion research institute Civey on behalf of the magazine “Spiegel”, a majority of Germans are even in favor of having to work from home in view of the corona infection situation. Accordingly, 56 percent of the more than 5,000 respondents supported a general ban on working in the office, provided that home office is possible. Almost a third of those questioned were against it.

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Steinmeier calls home offices Germany


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