Stephanie Seymour’s son: Model Harry Brant (24) dies of an overdose



Harry Brant, the son of top model Stephanie Seymour, dies of an overdose at the age of just 24. He had had an addiction problem for a long time.

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Harry Brant was only 24 years old.

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Top model Stephanie Seymour's son suffered from addiction problems.

Top model Stephanie Seymour’s son suffered from addiction problems.

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     The  son of top model Stephanie Seymour is dead.

  • Harry Brant was only 24 years old.

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     The  influential “It Boy” died of an overdose.

Harry Brant, the son of US supermodel Stephanie Seymour and entrepreneur Peter Brant, is dead. He died at the age of 24 from an accidental overdose of prescribed drugs, as the New York Times wrote, citing his family. Brant, who was also a model like his mother, reportedly had addiction problems for years.

Brant was found dead on Sunday

“We will be forever sad that his life has been shortened by this devastating disease,” said the family. “He’s done a lot in his 24 years, but we’ll never get a chance to see how much more Harry could have done.” ©

 The  family described Brant as a “creative, loving and powerful soul” that brought light into people’s hearts. According to the New York Times, Brant was found lifeless on Sunday.

Together with his brother Peter, Brant had developed a line of cosmetics that is intended for both men and women. He was known as the “Prince of the Night” who was often to be found at parties. ©

 The  media described the brothers as influential “It Boys”.

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Stephanie Seymours son Model Harry Brant dies overdose


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