Storm of love: Selina in mortal danger – Ariane attacks girlfriend


Will “Sturm der Liebe” -Zicke Ariane Kalenberg become an ice-cold murderer? On her campaign for revenge, she attacks Selina von Thalheim and puts her life in danger.

MunichAriane Kalenberg (played by Viola Wedekind) ensures one intrigue after another in the ARD-Serie “Storm of Love” and makes hers Fürstenhof-Colleagues life the hell. Especially on Christoph Saalfeld (played by Dieter Bach) it has Bichlheim-Best aside, and she won’t rest until she has destroyed her greatest archenemy.

To get closer to your goal, plan Ariane one Poison attack on her friend Selina von Thalheim (played by Katja Rosin). But their diabolical campaign of revenge takes a sudden turn and brings that SdL-Biest mighty skid. Becomes Ariane to the ice cold Murderess or will Selina saved at the last minute? has the details.

Soap opera: storm of Love
First broadcast: 26. September 2005
Year (s): since 2005
Manufacturing company: Bavaria Fiction
Production: Bea Schmidt; Julia Bachmann
Titellied: Stay

Storm of Love (ARD): Poison attack on Selina – Fürstenhof beast Ariane wants to destroy archenemy Christoph

Ariane Kalenberg just can’t stop. Day after day, faithful “storm of Love“Fans witness how that is ARD-Best come up with new intrigues and theirs Fürstenhof-Colleagues making life hell. She is particularly interested in archenemy Christoph Saalfeld. Whether it’s a flogging lie or a poison attack – she leaves no stone unturned for the SdL-Hotelier turning headlong in Selina von Thalheim has forgotten to destroy professionally and privately. But of all things her next diabolical one Vengeance campaign takes a sudden turn and brings the otherwise ice cold one ARD-Snake mighty fling.

Does “Sturm der Liebe” -Best Ariane’s girlfriend Selina have on her conscience (

© Christof Arnold/ARD

Actually wanted to Ariane Kalenberg her girlfriend Selina von Thalheim poison to Christoph Saalfeld in the belief that Selina must die. She prepared her “Sturm der Liebe” girlfriend’s make-up with a substance that was said to cause worrying symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and heart problems when the powder was used. Just an antidote that Christoph in exchange for his hotel shares Selina after a poisoning the court.

Sturm der Liebe (ARD): Serious accident – Selina von Thalheim falls from her horse

At first it looked like it would Ariane’s poison attack on Selina von Thalheim backfire, because of all people, adopted daughter Maja von Thalheim (played by Christina Arends) unconsciously prevents her from using a sufficient amount of make-up. True feels Selina Dazed for a short time, but nausea, dizziness and heart problems stay away for the time being.

When Selina however Has used the prepared make-up several times and the full effect unfolds, it comes to a momentous accident (Estimated TV broadcast of the 3527th episode on January 18, 2021). With a ride in the beautiful nature Bichlheims falls Selina von Thalheim of the horse that alone to the Fürstenhof returns. Desperate makes you Christoph Saalfeld on the search, but he will find the “storm of Love“Find the star in time?

Storm of Love (ARD): Will Ariane save Selina or will she become an ice-cold murderer?

In the end it really is Arianewho finds her unconscious friend at the lake with the help of ARD newcomer Erik Vogt (played by Sven Waasner). After a few minutes of hesitation, the “Storm of Love” beast gives Selina the saving one Antidote and take her to the hospital.

However, the state of Selina von Thalheim in spite of Antidote continues to be critical, so that her life is in danger in the hospital. Arianewho is both the cause and the savior, is concerned and watches over her friend at the bedside. Your intrigue threatens to be exposed. Because as that ARD-Colostrum With Erik telephones and admits how much she regrets the poison attack Selina awareness. Does she have about every word of Arianes Overheard confession? Dr. Michael Niederbühl (played by Erich Altenkopf) comes to that ARD Colostrum little by little on the ropes after suspecting that Selina has been poisoned.

Succeeds Ariane the Powder compact and thus the Murder weapon to disappear or fly the “Storm of Love” -Biest their machinations soon on the ears? In any case, it will remain exciting at the Fürstenhof.

Headline list image: © Christof Arnold / ARD

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Storm love Selina mortal danger Ariane attacks girlfriend


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