Stricter mask requirements come into force in the southwest


In order to curb the spread of the corona virus even further, stricter corona measures apply in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. This applies particularly to wearing the mouth and nose covers.

From the beginning of the week, further tightening of public life will come into force in Baden-Württemberg in view of the corona pandemic. From Monday on, for example, people have to wear medical masks in public transport, in retail, when working outside the home office, in doctor’s offices, hospitals and care facilities as well as in church services.

This category includes surgical and FFP2 masks as well as mouth and nose covers of the KN95 / N95 standards. Simpler or self-sewn masks are generally no longer allowed, as the updated Corona regulation of the green-black state government presented at the weekend further shows.  The  background is the hope of politicians that better masks could also improve protection against infection. However, there are exceptions for the offspring: children up to 14 years of age can continue to wear simple everyday masks, children up to 5 years of age are completely exempt from the mask requirement.

Violations of the rules can result in fines. For local public transport, however, the Ministry of Transport announced that it would not impose fines on buses and trains until February 1.

Dog groomers are allowed to open

Otherwise, the measures already in force have been extended in principle. ©

 The re is a new regulation for dog hairdressers and dog salons: ©

 The y are generally allowed to offer their services again if the animal is handed over by the customer and only picked up after the treatment. ©

 The  pet owner must therefore not be present during the treatment. ©

 The  Baden-Württemberg administrative court had recently overturned the general closure of dog salons in the wake of the corona pandemic.

From Wednesday on, an alcohol ban will only apply in certain public places, such as in city centers. ©

 The  authorities should determine in advance which areas are exactly affected. Up to now, stricter regulations have applied to the serving and consumption of alcohol; we have been talking about the entire public space in Baden-Württemberg. A similar regulation in Bavaria, however, was overturned by the local administrative court.


 The  federal and state governments agreed on Tuesday to generally extend the lockdown and numerous restrictions until February 14th. Baden-Württemberg supports most of the resolutions. In education, however, a special path is emerging. Primary schools and daycare centers in this country could gradually open again from February 1, if the infection numbers allow. But nothing has been definitely decided yet.

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Stricter mask requirements force southwest


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