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Actually, all students at the Thurgau University of Education go abroad for at least four weeks if they later want to teach a foreign language as a teacher.  The  prospective English teachers mostly go to Great Britain. © The  mutated coronavirus makes these stays impossible at the moment.

 The  PH Thurgau therefore looked for an alternative – and found it. ©

 The  Alternative Language Study Abroad is a three week online course with British English teachers.
How the digital language stay works, in the article by RADIO TOP:
A digital pub tour is also part of the program. “Taxpayers shouldn’t think that our students don’t just spend their time in the digital pubs,” emphasizes Tanja Rey Kuhn from the PH Thurgau. It is about the intercultural exchange, which should be conveyed as well as possible with digital city tours.

 The  digital alternative does not come close to a “real” language stay. Rey Kuhn is aware of this. “We hope that the students will be able to go abroad again as soon as possible”. Nevertheless, the digital language stay is recognized and can be counted towards the degree.

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Students Thurgau digital pub tours TOP ONLINE


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