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Four dead, at least 50 arrests: There was chaos yesterday at the US parliamentary headquarters after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. In the SWR interview, Sasha Arrington from the Stuttgart “Democrats Abroad” was dismayed.

SWR: Ms. Arington, how did you feel about the events in Stuttgart around the Capitol yesterday evening?

Arrington: “I watched on the screen and was just amazed that this was really happening in my home country. You might expect something like that from other countries, but certainly not from the USA.”

The election result, the victory of Joe Biden, has now been confirmed. In other words, the MPs got together again after the riots and continued the proceedings. What do you hear from the USA now? Does that mean the ghost from last night is over?

“Mike Pence certified the election result yesterday. That is off the table. But I hope that the Republicans now rein in their people a little and that we hear the right thing from Donald Trump – that he tells them,” The election is over We have to accept it. “I don’t expect that from Trump now, I don’t think he will say something like that. But that would be statesmanlike.”

Trump has promised an orderly transfer of power. But after the pictures from last night, everything seems possible in the USA too …

“Yes, anything is possible. But we are a democratic country and the police will do their job. And we will see that everything goes smoothly on January 20th. So Biden becomes president and Kamala Harris vice-president Don’t worry. It’ll be democratic. ”

You sound very calm and very factual. Did what happened yesterday around the Capitol change nothing in your belief in democracy in the USA?

“No, definitely not. I believe in our constitution. And I believe that most people want us to live in a country where laws work and where we just know that we have voted and every election, every ballot counts. Everyone cast their vote and Biden is the winner. There is no question about that. Of course, as we saw yesterday, there are people who do not want to admit it. But democracy will win. ”

Joe Biden will move into the White House on January 20th as the legitimately elected President of the United States. And it looks like he will have a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. In the Georgia election, which was for two senatorial seats, could you cast your vote there?

“Personally, I’m voting in California. That’s why I wasn’t allowed to take part in this runoff. But all of our Democratic colleagues who live abroad voted. They were allowed to cast their votes and, as in the presidential election, it was important that the people from overseas were now cast their vote. ”

In other words, with a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, it’s a very good starting point for Joe Biden. What do you want from Trump’s successor?

“I expect wonderful things, namely that there will be health care for the majority and that you can afford health, that you can go to the hospital. It has to be in the state where I come from, California, for example Homelessness are addressed. The Black Lives Matter movement has also opened the eyes of many: We have to see that our country becomes fairer. So there are many things that can be improved. But I’m very positive about that. ”

Are you looking forward to January 20th?

“Oh yes, and how. I am very happy and the way the Senate looks now – everything is in democratic hands – a lot can be changed.”

Sasha Arrington is the chair of the Stuttgart local group “Democrats Abroad”. The association claims to be the Democratic Party’s official arm for the nine million Americans who live outside the United States.

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Stuttgart Democrats dismayed attack Capitol SWR Aktuell


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