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 The  Stuttgart intensive nurse Christine Helbig received the second corona vaccination on Tuesday. She had been vaccinated for the first time a good three weeks ago.

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Christine Helbig works in the corona isolation ward of the Stuttgart Clinic. A good three weeks ago, she was the first person in Baden-Württemberg to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. On Tuesday afternoon she got the second vaccination and was happy about the bouquet.

First vaccination well tolerated

Happy after the 2nd corona vaccination in the Stuttgart Liederhalle: The intensive nurse Christine Helbig.  (Photo: SWR)

Happy after the 2nd corona vaccination in the Stuttgart Liederhalle: © The  intensive nurse Christine Helbig.


Christine Helbig has tolerated the syringes with the vaccine from Biontech-Pfizer so far. ©

 The  first vaccination was totally unproblematic, she reported to the SWR. ©

 The  next day, she not only went to work without any problems, but also did sports. Her husband also tolerated the first vaccination well.

Vaccine remains scarce for the time being

In the two central vaccination centers in Stuttgart, people have had their second vaccination since this week. But supplies of vaccines are scarce. Around 1,000 people are vaccinated every day in the Stuttgart Liederhalle. At full capacity, 2,500 vaccinations per day would be possible. ©

 The  district vaccination centers, which will start on Friday in Baden-Württemberg, can initially only vaccinate a few.

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Stuttgart nurse vaccinated time SWR Aktuell


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