Stuttgart: Thomas Hitzlsperger apologizes to Claus Vogt

Stuttgart: Thomas Hitzlsperger apologizes to Claus Vogt

Thomas Hitzlsperger has apologized in a personal statement for his attack on Claus Vogt.

 The  sports director of VfB Stuttgart asked for forgiveness in a statement published by the club after attacking the club’s president with an open letter.

“Dear VfB members, dear fans, I am sincerely sorry that I chose words in my open letter to Claus Vogt that were inappropriate and that hit him personally,” wrote Hitzlsperger. © The  former professional only wanted to explain his “motives for running for president”.

“I underestimated the force of this open letter and how strongly I deal with Claus Vogt personally”, confessed the 38-year-old: “Far be it from me to hurt him as a person. My tone is wrong. ©

 The refore I would like to I hereby apologize to Claus Vogt, as announced in a Supervisory Board meeting on Monday evening. “

Fans stay on Vogt’s side

Even if there are differences in the matter, one wants to treat one another with respect. However, he did not announce a withdrawal of his candidacy for Vogt’s presidency. Much to the annoyance of a number of fans who made it clear on Twitter that the apology did not go far enough for them.

“Isn’t enough for me, that is at best suited to smoothing out the waves minimally. Apart from the personal level, the damage is still immense. I’m also a little irritated that an official platform of the club is suddenly being used,” wrote zum Example a user under the post of the VfB. Hitzlsperger had spread his open letter on his own Twitter account.

“As long as he doesn’t withdraw the candidacy, I don’t really want to hear from him,” wrote another fan. Comments like “Good start. Now withdraw your candidacy, please” were also frequent. Previously, the organized fans of the Stuttgart had already shown solidarity with Vogt – and thus clearly opposed their sports director.

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Stuttgart Thomas Hitzlsperger apologizes Claus Vogt


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