Suspect after bomb threat in psychiatry


NAfter the evacuation of Frankfurt Airport due to a terrorist alarm, the background to the incident remains unclear.  The  Federal Police have since announced details of what happened, after which at least the roles of those arrested seem to be clarified. © The  main suspect is still a 38-year-old Slovene who is known to the police and who was arrested by special forces that evening. As a spokesman for the federal police announced on Sunday, he was extensively interrogated, but has not “proven to be able to be questioned”. He was therefore sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Katharina Iskandar

© The re was a woman with him who is now only listed as a witness. © The  further investigations focus on a still unknown man who is also said to have been in the terminal. Witnesses described him with a gun in hand. However, this information has not yet been confirmed. © The  Slovene is said to belong to the homeless scene.

© The  operation was triggered around 5.16 p.m. when a patrol from the federal police found the thirty-eight year old in Terminal 1 and asked him to put on mouth and nose protection. © The  Slovenian is said to have become aggressive as a result. He shouted to the officers, “I’ll kill you all, Allahu Akbar”.

Search for a suspected armed man

© The n he put down a piece of luggage and tried to escape, but was overpowered by security forces shortly afterwards. Because it was unclear what was in the suitcase, Terminal 1 was cleared and a large area of ​​departure hall B was cordoned off. Explosives defusers opened the suitcase, which, however, did not contain any dangerous contents.

While the operation was still going on, the control center of the federal police received a notice that a suspected armed man had been spotted in Terminal 1. A spokesman for the federal police said that a connection between the two incidents could not be ruled out. © The  barriers were then expanded. More than a hundred emergency personnel searched the entire airport area for the suspect until late in the evening. © The  regional train station was also closed. According to the Federal Police, the search remained without result. © The  investigation continues.

© The  Slovenians are now being investigated on grounds of suspicion of threat and resistance to law enforcement officers. So far there is no information about his motive.

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Suspect bomb threat psychiatry


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