Suspected cases in Jochberg: Police and authorities question ski instructor candidates


In der Gemeinde Jochberg wurden bei den freiwilligen Corona-Tests bisher vier positive Fälle registriert.


Jochberg – In Jochberg, the 18 people accommodated in the ski school are being questioned by the authorities and the police today. As reported, the English tabloid writes © The  Sunthat there should have been non-stop parties. This has been denied in previous surveys, but rumors about a New Year’s Eve party have been circulating for days. © The  fact that there were police operations at the accommodation on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day is wrong, as the police said Tyrolean daily newspaper confirmed. © The re were therefore “no police incidents” around the turn of the year. © The  surveys are carried out as planned.

It is not yet clear where and how the ski enthusiasts might have been infected. Here the country is expecting possible new clues today.

“According to the current status of the surveys in the course of contact tracing, the affected group had no contact with the population. We follow up on all incoming reports and take into account new findings in the course of surveys and contact tracing,” emphasizes Elmar Rizzoli, head of the task force

But not only the group, whose members come mainly from Great Britain, will be “interviewed”. Those responsible for the “Ski Instructor Academy” have to explain in the next few days which “courses” they are holding to prepare for ski and snowboard instructor training.

© The  Tyrolean Ski Instructors Association asked the state to investigate this matter. A company of the Vienna Ski Instructors Association is a partner of the “Academy”. Apparently, the matter should also be opened in the Ministry of Sports. After all, it is about the reputation of high quality ski instructor training.

Wastewater in the Unterland is examined

© The  nationwide corona tests in Jochberg have so far not shown any spread of the British virus mutation in the local population. Four infections have been filtered out so far, one is due to the cluster in the staff house of the ski school. © The  person concerned was already a close contact, so there are now 18 suspected cases there. Two Jochbergers who tested positive showed no abnormalities, an examination is still pending.

Corona swabs will now be taken in the entire Kitzbühel district by Monday, and wastewater tests will be carried out at the same time: © The  Research Center for Molecular Medicine (CeMM) will examine wastewater samples from sewage treatment plants in the Kitzbühel and Kufstein districts for safety. This is to clarify whether the British virus variant is already widespread in the lowlands or is isolated within the affected group. © The  result should be available in around seven days.

62,000 people in the district called for corona test

As of Friday, 62,000 people in the entire Kitzbühel district are now called to take a free corona test using a PCR smear. As a result of the initial test by AGES, there is a specific suspicion that the cluster in Jochberg is the British coronavirus mutation.

Anomalies were also reported with a few other PCR profiles in the Kitzbühel district, which are now being investigated.

“I would like to thank the population of Jochberg that they support this precautionary measure and that numerous people have already used the opportunity to check their current Corona status. In this context, we also call on the entire Kitzbühel population to do the same as the Jochbergers. © The  more tests are carried out, the more detailed the picture of the infection process in the district becomes. © The  currently available results give reason to be cautiously optimistic – but the further results from the district are decisive for the further procedure“, Said LH Günther Platter. (pn,

Registration for the PCR tests

Registration for the free PCR tests takes place as usual via the online platform of the State of Tyrol You can register online from noon tomorrow. © The  PCR tests are possible at the three large test locations St. Johann (Kaisersaal), Kirchberg (Arena 365) and Reith bei Kitzbühel (Kultursaal). You can also register by phone using the health hotline 1450.

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Suspected cases Jochberg Police authorities question ski instructor candidates


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