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Recreational athletes should not get back into training too quickly after recovering from Covid 19. Sports cardiologist Prof. Martin Halle from the Technical University of Munich warns that anyone who rushes to exercise again can have an increased risk of heart muscle inflammation or cardiac arrhythmia.

Mild or symptom-free courses of the disease caused by the coronavirus are particularly tricky – because you could then think that after a short break everything is as always. But that can be a fallacy. Halle reports from his practical work that many athletes told him that they could no longer get on their feet after contracting Covid 19.

Massive damage after Covid-19 infection

Palpitations or shortness of breath under exertion are two of the symptoms that have been noticed in sports enthusiasts after the illness, according to the professor. From experience with other infections such as influenza, one knows how dangerous it is if one does not cure them thoroughly.  The  virus can penetrate faster and deeper into the respiratory tract, multiply there more strongly and cause “massive damage”, explains Halle.
He appeals: “Even after surviving Covid-19 illness, caution is advised.” Too little is known about whether consequential damage will remain permanent or whether longer regeneration is necessary.

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 The  preventive sports medicine and sports cardiology of the Technical University of Munich gives the following time windows to help you find out when you can think about sports again.

After Covid-19 infection: Note the following time windows

If you have no symptoms, you should not exercise for at least two weeks. In the case of a mild course with a cough or fever, you should refrain from exercising for at least two, but preferably up to four weeks from the onset of symptoms.
With inflammation of the lungs it is at least one month, with heart muscle inflammation it is at least three months – the course should also be monitored cardiologically.

Medical check-up gives security

At the same time, the specialist center emphasizes: © www.de24.news

 The  sports break does not provide complete security. In order to exclude possible health risks even more safely, it is advisable to have a thorough check-up with a doctor before returning to work.

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