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© www.de24.news The  “Tatort: ​​This is our house” today (January 17th, 2021) should again attract almost ten million viewers to the screens. However, many should not register a celebrity guest appearance.

It is a special milieu that the investigators in “Tatort: ​​This is our house” immerse yourself today (01/17/2021). A group of house builders wants to make their dream of owning their own home come true in Stuttgart. But then the investigators Thorsten Lannert and Sebastian Bootz have to do with a death. A woman’s body was found during construction. Who are you talking about? It is not that easy to answer for the Commissioners. © www.de24.news The  members of the Ostfildern Oasis building community are not of great help in clarifying the situation.

“Tatort: ​​This is our house” today: the star guest does without accessories

A role in “Tatort: ​​This is our house” takes a star guest. “But maybe a lot of people don’t recognize me because I don’t wear glasses in the film,” he now restricted himself to “Bild am Sonntag”. He has published almost 500 songs, was in the top 10 of the German charts several times, and has won numerous awards. Now he gives today (17.01.2021) in “Tatort: ​​This is our house” a guest appearance: Heinz-Rudolf Kunze plays a suspect in Mr. Heuer.

Many would not be able to recognize Heinz-Rudolf Kunze without glasses.

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© www.de24.news The  shooting should have been anything but easy for the musician. Not only because he says he has a hard time learning texts. In particular, a picture on the wall contributed Heinz-Rudolf Kunze and the team of “Tatort: ​​This is our house” for some annoyance: “We shot one scene almost 30 times. When the young woman pushes me back into the apartment, a picture should fall off the wall. But that always stuck. It was like slapstick, ”says the star guest to“ Bild am Sonntag ”.

“Tatort: ​​This is our house” today: Heinz-Rudolf Kunze never before in a TV film

In the end, however, there is a new point in the colorful vita of Heinz-Rudolf Kunze: Because up to now you haven’t looked for an appearance in a film there. With his guest appearance in “Tatort: ​​This is our house” Today (January 17th, 2021) the audience should be a big one. Because it can hardly be bigger than the stage on a Sunday at 8:15 p.m. on ARD. Even for a star guest like him.

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Tatort today recognize star guest


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