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Telegram has the function People around improved. It’s a little creepy. Probably a paradise for stalkers; because the localization is pretty accurate. In one attempt, the closest person was 257 meters away from the editor, the distance to the furthest Telegram user was 11.62 km. After all, the function is deactivated by default. If you still want to use it to find (new) friends nearby or local groups:
  1. Tap that Hamburger-Menu top left (three crossbars).
  2. Choose People around.
  3. Tap the button Allow access (Location access is required for this).
  4. Allow Telegram to access the device location.
  5. Now you can see people nearby. You yourself are not yet visible to others. If that’s what you want, tap Make myself visible. For this, the profile picture visibility must be on visible for everybody can be set. Alternatively, it can Everyone mean. According to Telegram, your number will remain hidden.
  6. To make yourself Ā«invisibleĀ» again, tap Don’t show me again.
  7. If you have the function People around you no longer want to use it, you have to use Settings, apps & notifications in the Telegram app under Permissions manually access the location decline put.
Telegram’s people-nearby feature

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Note: This was done with an Android 10 smartphone and Telegram version 7.3.1.

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