“Tell Merkel, there is more to life than survival” – Tv


On Wednesday the physician Karl Lauterbach and drag queen Olivia Jones were guests on “Stern TV”.

 The re was a strange confrontation.

Two worlds collided! Steffen Hallaschka welcomed two people in his studio who couldn’t be more different. On his left, the bird of paradise Olivia Jones took his place, next to him the physician and SPD politician Karl Lauterbach.

Right from the start there was an amusing conversation. So the drag queen wanted to convince the politician to participate in the jungle camp. He confessed that he had never looked at the format and therefore does not want to rise above it, but emphasized: “I would rather die than take part”.

“What this lockdown is doing to people …”

In the course of the program, Corona then moved back into focus. Above all the FFP2 masks, which are now becoming more and more mandatory in Germany. While virologists and scientists explained which models are safe and which are not, Olivia Jones kept asking what the masks would actually cost, how often they could be used and whether there were any different sizes. Her face is relatively large and the masks are accordingly too small. © www.de24.news

 The  sobering answer of one researcher: “You have to try it out”.

At the end of the show, Olivia Jones got a bit pissed off. When it came to the fact that her bars on the party mile in St. Pauli had been closed for months, she turned to Lauterbach: “You can tell Ms. Merkel that life is not just about ‘staying alive’. It is also part of it to enjoy life. Despite the whole numbers and curves, one should always keep an eye on what this lockdown is doing to people. Especially psychologically “.

© www.de24.news

 The  SPD politician listened patiently and at the end agreed with the drag queen: “We’ll help you with that”. He regrets being told that. However, he believes that without lockdown, worse mutations would occur, making the situation even more hopeless.

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