Terzic is turning BVB inside out

Terzic is turning BVB inside out

Whether you like it or not, every coach at Borussia Dortmund is always confronted with Jürgen Klopp comparisons. Especially when it comes to personality, Lucien Favre was, in a way, the blatant alternative.

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 The  Swiss were constantly accused of not being able to properly motivate the team and whipping them up, was simply far too quiet. Edin Terzic is completely different in this regard.

Bürki is enthusiastic

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 The  former Favre-Co convinced from the first day with a clear, distinct and above all loud address from the sidelines. And apparently a new tone is also being set in the cabin. “Now there is a little more life in it, that was often missing”, describes goalkeeper Roman Bürki to the ‘WAZ’.

What words Terzic chose in the half-time break against RB Leipzig is not known. But they were the right ones. After a particularly offensively disappointing first half without any scoring chances, let alone shots, the black and yellow attack burned off a real firework in the second half. 40 minutes and three goals later, the top game was decided.

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 The  fact that the address has changed is not only due to Terzic’s character. According to the ‘WAZ’, the change in pitch happened “With the express approval of his superiors”. Accordingly, the new head coach should deliberately orientate himself on his predecessor Klopp, who was glorified in Dortmund.

Watzke longs for Kloppo types

“We need this energy”Terzic is sure. In the Ruhr metropolis, it’s not just fans who long for old Kloppo times. It is an open secret that Hans-Joachim Watzke in particular feels this longing.

With the new coach, BVB has a similar guy again. And if he can confirm the latest successes from this still young year, at least it cannot be ruled out that Terzic can also shape an era that future generations of coaches will have to orientate themselves towards.

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Terzic turning BVB


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