That’s why Messi lost his nerve for the first time in 753 games

That's why Messi lost his nerve for the first time in 753 games

Lionel Messi is known for a lot, but not for his unfair or over-harsh style of play. In the final of the Spanish Supercup on Sunday evening, however, the Argentinean’s fuses also blew – for the first time in 753 games for FC Barcelona he saw a red card.

In the 120th minute, with a score of 3-2 for Athletic Bilbao, the Catalans launched one last attack. Like in the Barca textbook, Messi played the ball from the center to the left wing, where Jordi Alba was on his way to the baseline.

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Lionel Messi: first red card in Barca 753 game

What follows from this action is known from the past: Alba plays the ball in the back of the defense and Messi closes, often with success. But this time it turned out differently.

Because Bilbao’s goal scorer for the interim 2-2, Asier Villalibre, this script was also known.  The refore, he started a body check to disrupt Messi’s path. What used to have little or no effect on the six-time world footballer did not leave him indifferent this time. He hit his opponent violently with his right arm. After a short video study, the legitimate red card followed.

And this incident could never have been better. Messi and Barca just can’t get out of the crisis. Nothing works anymore with the Spanish giant. Every victory is hard work and the environment does not come to rest either.

Supercup final as a symbol of the overall situation


 The  game against the Basques was a symbol of the overall situation. Only in the 90th minute did Villalibre equalize to make it 2-2. In extra time, Iñaki Williams flicked the ball into the corner unsustainable a short time later.

In better times, that would have been Lionel Messi’s moment. He would have gone ahead and, if necessary, would have saved his club single-handedly. Not so in Barcelona in January 2020. Messi bowed his head without a goal. A short time later, the opponents lifted the trophy.


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Messi has shown in countless games that he is not a bully and that he can withstand even the greatest provocations. How often has he been kicked, pushed, held, checked? But times are tough in Catalonia. Even one of the best of all time will not be ignored.

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Messi lost nerve time games


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