The 15-kilometer rule will soon come into force due to Corona: This is how you measure your range of motion


In the new lockdown, corona hotspots with an incidence of over 100 can limit the range of motion to 15 kilometers – this is how you find out your radius.

  • After this Federal-State resolution are Restrictions on movement possible in the future.
  • A Webtool helps the 15-Kilometer-Radius for your own place of residence to find out.
  • Whether all Federal states the new Corona* Rule is still unclear – so have Hessen and Lower Saxony decided.

Update from Friday, January 8th, 2021, 12 noon: The federal and state governments agreed on Tuesday (January 5th, 2021) to extend the lockdown until the end of January and also to stricter Contact restrictions enact. Also included is a controversial 15-kilometer rule – which states that residents of a hotspot with a 7 day incidence of over 200 are only allowed to move within a radius of 15 kilometers around their place of residence.

But the countries could in their Corona regulations decide for yourself – this is how the rules for the range of motion see in Hessen and Lower Saxony out:

  • Hessen: According to information from the Hessian State Chancellery, the restrictions on the range of motion are here 15 Kilometer in the Hotspots only for day tourists trips applied. The city or municipality boundary is decisive for calculating the radius, so that the radius can vary depending on the size of the place of residence. The districts of Fulda and Limburg-Weilburg are currently located in Hesse (as of January 8, 2020). Vogelsberg and Giessen over the incidence of 200.
  • Lower Saxony: The Crisis team of the state of Lower Saxony announced the new Corona regulation which will apply from Sunday (January 10th, 2021): With regard to the 15-kilometer rule, the following applies for a 7 day incidence of more than 200 the authorities are allowed to decide whether a limited range of motion of 15 kilometers should apply. The authorities can also issue a ban on entering certain public places.
Corona pandemic: The 15 kilometers of movement restrictions could ensure even more empty streets. (Symbol image)

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Corona lockdown: This is how you can calculate your own 15 kilometer radius

First report from Thursday, January 7th, 2021, 1:39 p.m .: Kassel – To the new ones decided on Tuesday (05.01.2021) Corona measures by the federal and state governments One of the things that counts is the controversy 15-kilometer rule. However, this only takes effect from one 7 day incidence of over 200 New infections per 100,000 inhabitants. It is then up to the countries local action to take to move citizens on 15 Kilometer to limit the place of residence.

But how do you find out where the more personal Radius exactly enough? Which places can still be visited and which are not? Thanks one Webtool called CalcMaps you can now find out exactly that. As reported, various data can be found on the website Coordinates can be queried on a map.

Movement radius of 15 kilometers: Not all federal states follow the Corona rule

It is not yet clear whether the hotly debated measure will ultimately be accepted by everyone Federal states is taken over. So pose already Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg for now across until new ones Corona infection numbers Give cause for implementation of the new rule.

Who that Tool still would like to try it out and in one small place lives, it is best to use these instructions:

  • Go to the website of Calcmaps in their Browser on.
  • Click on “Radius measure on map ”.
  • Give your Address in the empty text field as follows: Street, House number, place.
  • Click under the text field on “Radius KM“, Then select”15 km“.

15-kilometer radius due to corona pandemic: Tool is useful for small places

However, the result is only really meaningful for small towns. But who in a city or one local community lives with a large area does not have it so easily. Because with the regulation one counts 15-Kilometer-Radius around the whole place of residence – so about completely Kassel. If you want to know how far the area extends, you have to move the circle to any position on the City limits move. To do this, just click the red point in the middle of the map and then pulls the center to the appropriate location.

In the same way, the Radius be adjusted. To do this, click on the blue point on the outer edge of the circle and drag the circle larger or smaller with the mouse. At the top right you can see the exact radius and the circular area.

However, it seems unlikely that Citizen in case of a Movement limitation actually have to determine their radius themselves. If you want to satisfy your curiosity, the tool CalcMaps but at least a useful option available. (Nail Akkoyun and Diana Rissmann) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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