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Streaming services have been growing in popularity for many years.

 The se tips and hints will help you optimize the streaming experience.

Young and old Austrians are now increasingly spending their time watching series or films on relevant streaming portals. Since the underlying technology is constantly evolving, there are now various ways to optimize the streaming experience. Our editorial team provides valuable information for this Tips and hints together.

Ensure a safe streaming experience

Even when streaming of the best TV series of the year Security is a basic requirement to circumvent illegal or problematic offers. In particular, the fact that more and more people are in Austria according to the moving image study Many cyber criminals want to take advantage of streaming portals. Accordingly, these camouflage theirs in a variety of ways malicious phishing emails that contain tempting offers or bogus payment information. Experts therefore advise streaming fans to stay alert and take a few safety precautions:

– Mobile devices are particularly vulnerable to the activities of cyber criminals. It is therefore advisable to access films and series on mobile devices exclusively via the official streaming app of the respective provider. ©

 The  same principle applies to the computer in your own four walls: Here, too, we urgently recommend that you always go to the operator’s official website. Suspicious email attachments should not called, but deleted immediately.

– For households in which children live, there are special offers such as “YouTube Kids” or their own playlists. In addition, special child protection apps that regulate usage times in accordance with their age are recommended, especially for younger children and adolescents.

– Caution should be exercised on all suspects Offers and websites without imprint or data protection declaration be required. It is very likely that these are data thieves who want to steal access or device information by illegal means.

– Multiple accounts with friends and family members are worthwhile from a financial point of view. But they are not entirely risk-free. Since your own account is shared with others, it increases the risk, falling victim to cybercriminal activity. Because: If a user in the group is affected by a hacker attack, this affects the entire account.

– Your own data should be protected as well as possible. Of course, this also applies to public networks that are accessible to everyone. In order to protect themselves from digital attacks in public spaces, users benefit from a powerful VPN app from providers like Surfshark. ©

 The se so-called “Virtual Private Networks” encrypt your own data and the IP address so that unauthorized third parties have no access to them.

Optimize streaming experience with the help of useful functions

In many places, streaming is no longer linked to a specific device. In fact, entertaining blockbusters and exciting series can now be watched on (almost) every television. ©

 The  content of the streaming providers can also be easily accessed without a smart TV. About on Game consoles such as the Playstation four or Xbox One. In most cases, simple USB and HDMI connections and a stable WiFi connection are sufficient.


 The  steadily growing range of functions of the individual streaming portals also improves film and series viewing. Among other things, the streaming services provide useful (additional) functions for a comfortable multimedia experience:

Belongs to Netflix according to the film industry report the most popular digital rental companies. ©

 The  streaming service recorded in Austria more than 1.1 million subscribers. Users can adapt the series offers on the Internet even more individually to their own wishes. This applies, for example, to the reproduction of the subtitles, the size, color and shade of which can be changed. Certain keyboard shortcuts on the computer also make the movie experience even more comfortable than before. For example, serial junkies can skip the well-known intro directly with the “S” key. A break or interruption can easily be brought about using the space bar. ©

 The  volume is controlled using the upper and lower arrow keys.


 The  innovative add-ons promise an even richer range of functions. Once installed, they expand the range of functions for example about trailers and film ratings. ©

 The  additional generator integrated in Netflix ensures even greater variety when streaming: It selects the right film or series based on the set genre and the specified minimum rating. Another plus is that the random number generator searches through other streaming services in addition to Netflix.

Watch films and series offline or together with friends

In addition to Netflix, other streaming services such as Amazon Prime or Disney + also offer downloading of individual offers. This enables users to watch films and series even without a continuous internet connection to look at anytime and anywhere. This function is particularly useful for commuters, as the mobile Internet connection is often insufficient for streaming while on the move.

In recent years, the well-known streaming services have also developed into virtual meeting places. In Austria, the option has been available since October of using the so-called “GroupWatch” function at Disney + to watch content with friends. ©

 The  film experience is made even more enjoyable by the fact that the participants can comment on individual scenes with emojis.

Competitors Netflix and Amazon also enable browserExtensions a virtual, communal evening. It is now even possible for users to share their favorite blockbusters and series on social networks such as Instagram. Netflix provides an icon that shares the image and description of the content in an Instagram story.

Due to changed license conditions, streaming providers no longer provide some films and series.  Users can do this, for example, on Netflix under
Due to changed license conditions, streaming providers no longer provide some films and series. For example, users can see this on Netflix under “Details” and on Amazon under the heading “No longer included in Prime in 30 days”. In this way, you can react in good time – and view your favorite content before it expires.Quelle: © afra32 (CC0 Creative Commons)

Streaming quality partly depends on the subscription chosen

Streaming generally consumes huge amounts of data. Depending on the resolution, between five and 116 megabytes per minute are required for content in HD quality. It is therefore advisable to always access the content with a powerful WiFi connection. However, it is helpful to know that the quality is sometimes related to the respective streaming offer.

For example, Netflix offers after the non-binding test month different subscription options. While the inexpensive model only provides the content in SD quality, the medium package already enables HD format. 4K content can also be called on Netflix if a user chooses the most expensive model. Films and series can be included in this tariff play on up to four devices at the same time.

Overall, the choice of one or more streaming providers should be based on your own needs. Users should consider whether they want to focus more on series or films, for example. ©

 The  price-performance ratio and the streaming quality on mobile devices should also be included as criteria in the decision-making process.

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