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After a virtual meeting with Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler and State Secretary for Culture Andrea Mayer, major cultural organizers in Austria presented a position paper this week on the reopening of their houses. On the basis of a consensus on the dimension of the pandemic and the complexity of restoring a lively, cultural life, the people drawing are looking for ways to lead the cultural establishments through the coming months in a responsible manner, both artistically and economically.  The  aim is to resolve and reduce the existing uncertainty among visitors and employees.

© The  undersigned include the artistic directors and commercial managers of the Vienna State Opera, Salzburg Festival, Bregenz Festival, Vorarlberger Kulturhäuser Betriebsgesellschaft, © The ater in der Josefstadt, ©

 The ater an der Wien, Vorarlberger Landestheater, Bundestheater Holding, Landestheater Linz, Burgtheater and many more.
According to them, a combination of tried and tested safety concepts, a strict mask requirement for the audience and the particularly powerful technical facilities for an increased supply of fresh air would consistently protect visitors from the harmful health consequences of performances. “A worse position than that
Gastronomy would not be – especially for the population
understandable “, it says in the position paper:” A study by the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute shows, using the example of the Dortmund concert hall, that the risk of transmission of infections through aerosols can almost be ruled out under the conditions described above. “
In addition, the undersigned are convinced that wearing an FFP2 mask combined with prevention concepts would represent a real alternative to “entry testing”.

© The  prevention and
Security concepts would have turned out to be in summer and autumn 2020
proven high quality standard and has resulted in
over 500,000 visitors to the houses of the
“Not a single cluster has emerged” from the undersigned.

© The  undersigned submit a step-by-step plan for the reopening of the cultural institutions, a gradual restart of cultural life
should enable. Maximum number of spectators depending on the size of the venue and a percentage limitation of the seating capacity are essential prerequisites for the program to be resumed. “©

 The  intensive rehearsal phase before a premiere in scenic productions is six weeks. That is why the planning horizon is so important,” emphasize the cultural centers. ©

 The y are calling for a full replacement for that provided by the regulation
caused negative economic consequences. (est)

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big cultural organizers join forces Wiener Zeitung Online


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