The Capitol Hero: This cop lured the Trump mob in the wrong direction



The Capitol Hero: This cop lured the Trump mob in the wrong direction

Eugene Goodman is hailed as a “hero” after his service at the Capitol. Thanks to his presence of mind, he gave his fellow police officers the seconds they needed to get the politicians to safety.

Celebrated as the Capitol hero: Policeman Eugene Goodman


Five people did not survive the storm on the Capitol. One who paid with his life for fighting the angry Trump mob was cop Brian Sicknick. Apparently angry people injured the officer with a fire extinguisher, as reported by AP News. The 42-year-old later died in the hospital.

Possibly little was missing and there would have been more deaths on that memorable Wednesday. If it wasn’t for a brave colleague of Brian Sicknick’s risking his life to protect the senators from the Trump mob.

Eugene Goodman – alone against the mob

We’re talking about Eugene Goodman, a member of the Capitol Police. The black policeman stood alone against the destructive mob on Wednesday. Despite the immense tension, he kept a cool head, lured the intruders in the wrong direction – and thus possibly prevented worse.

Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic captured Eugene Goodman’s courageous efforts on video. The scene has been viewed nearly ten million times on Twitter alone.

You can see the reporter rushing down a flight of stairs, where he meets Goodman, who is facing the Trump mob in a doorway. A loud argument can be heard, and the policeman keeps shouting: “Back up – go back!” At this moment, the following picture of Goodman’s impressive commitment emerges:

However, the Trump mob does not obey the police officer’s orders. Goodman decides to retreat and hurries up the stairs. For defense he only uses a telescopic pole, which he lifts from the ground.

As he sprints up the stairs, Goodman calls reinforcements over the radio: “Second floor!” Led by a man with a “QAnon conspiracy theory” t-shirt – he has now been arrested – Goodman is being pushed back further and further.

Goodman lures mobs in the wrong direction

On the second floor, Goodman finds himself again in a doorway. It’s 2:14 p.m. – more on why this is important later.

First, Goodman stands under the door frame. It seems like he wants to block the passage. He quickly looks over his shoulder and down the aisle.

But then Goodman makes another decision. He leaves his position and runs in the other direction. He pushes the QAnon man, fights a word and provokes so that the mob follows him instead of going into the unguarded passage on their right.

After a few steps, the intruders and Goodman find themselves in a larger room, where the policeman finally receives reinforcements. Goodman survived the mission unharmed according to previous knowledge.

That this could have ended differently is proven not only by the sad fate of Brian Sicknick, but also by the fact that many openly racist people marched in the Trump mob. Two black police officers told Buzzfeednews that they were repeatedly called “N …”. “That was a heavily trained group of militia terrorists who attacked us,” said one police officer. “They had radios, they had two-way communicators and earplugs. They had bear spray. They had stun grenades … They were prepared. “

At the end of the hall was the Senate meeting room

Not even imagining what would have happened if the mob had got their hands on the politicians who were in the process of certifying Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

But that’s exactly what it almost came to be – if it wasn’t for Eugene Goodman. Only in retrospect does it become apparent how close a meeting could be prevented.

Let’s get back to the time: at 2:14 p.m. Eugene Goodman blocked access to a deserted corridor before luring the mob in the other direction. What the mob apparently doesn’t know, but Goodman does: At the end of the corridor is the entrance to the Senate meeting room. Only a few steps separate the intruders from the politicians.

There is great excitement in the boardroom at this point. At 2:11 p.m. Vice President Mike Pence was hastily evacuated, as the Washington Post noted in a remarkable reconstruction of the events. When it became clear that the mob was getting dangerously close, officials – six of whom were carrying semi-automatic weapons – began to bolt the more than a dozen doors inside the Senate meeting room.

At 2:15 p.m., a reporter for the Washington Post reported: “Senate sealed.” Eugene Goodman may have given his colleagues exactly those seconds to secure the meeting room before the Trump mob stormed in.

Goodman is called a “hero”

Eugene Goodman received a lot of encouragement for his work. “The word” hero “does not even begin to describe Eugene Goodman,” tweeted former Senate candidate Jaime Harrison. Democratic MP Dean Phillips thanked Goodman, who looked the grotesque hatred straight in the eyes.

Christopher J. Hale, a former House of Representatives candidate, wrote: “At this dangerous moment in our nation’s history, he was the person who stood between democracy and the rule of tyrants.”

The democratic coalition also tweeted the policeman’s commitment and even demanded the freedom medal for him: “USCP Officer Eugene Goodman is his name. He’s a hero and he deserves the Freedom Medal point. “

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Capitol Hero cop lured Trump mob wrong direction


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