The Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer is Here: Who Will Fall?


We are no longer used to a trailer for an action-packed and pompous blockbuster and the trailer is now finally closed Godzilla vs. Kong published!

On time as announced gives us Warner Bros. thus the first preview of the duel of the year. Who will win?  The  giant lizard Godzilla, the king of the monsters or King Kong, also king. Monkey versus lizard, fur versus scales! ©

 The  viewer is spoiled for choice, even if we don’t yet trust the whole setting and in the end just wait for the Martha twist … Warner Brothers. Are you curious what to expect? ©

 The n here is the German trailer!

“Godzilla vs. Kong” Trailer 1 (dt.)


 The  trailer can definitely be seen and gives a foretaste of the rough framework and what kind of action we can expect. Actually, we should have witnessed this duel last year, but Corona, as is well known, thwarted the publication plan. In the US should Godzilla vs. Kong now in March both sporadically in cinemas and on HBO Max appear. For Germany, the situation is still pretty unclear, as they have so far been sticking to a pure cinema release, as the trailer makes clear. At the moment we can only wait and see about the release.

Incidentally, the film was only recently brought forward in the USA, because apparently they have Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment really agreed on a release strategy that satisfies both sides. Whether that also for Dune applies, remains to be seen, but at Godzilla vs. Kong undertook Warner Bros. the unusual move of moving the film forward by two months while almost every other film was postponed as a result of the pandemic. In the US, Godzilla and Kong are now performing on 26th of March against each other, both in the cinema and on HBO Max.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” Trailer 1

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Godzilla Kong Trailer Fall


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