The “greatest space strategy game” follows on Battlefront 2


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It’s hard to beat:

 The  Epic Games Store is now giving away the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Celebration Edition. In fact, it continues in space: ©

 The  strategy specialists from Stardock donate what they say is the “greatest space strategy game of all”.

Thursday at 5 p.m. the clocks at Epic Games change again. ©

 The n the week’s free game disappears and a new game appears, usually announced a week in advance. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Celebration Edition, which is available now, will be followed by Galactic Civilizations 3 Ultimate next week.

Star Wars now, Galactic Civilizations 3 follows

If you haven’t played in yet, you should do it now: Star Wars Battlefront 2 is now available in the Celebration Edition for free download – until January 21st. at 16:59. Since everyone is talking about Star Wars in the gaming area, the new free game at Epic fits in perfectly. ©

 The  Celebration Edition does not offer any appearances by celebrities, but is more or less the original game with all free live updates and a lot of tinsel. Quasi the edition for the world’s largest gathering of Star Wars fans – well, not really.

Almost a year ago EA sold the edition for a mere 40 euros and celebrated two years of updates with the Celebration Edition. In addition to the base game, there were more than 25 hero outfits (including six legendary outfits and outfits for Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren from Star Wars: ©

 The  Rise of Skywalker), more than 125 trooper and reinforcement outfits, more than 100 hero and troopers Emotes and speaker lines as well as more than 70 victory poses for heroes and troopers. At the end of April 2020 the last update for Battlefront 2 came, at least quite “fat” back then (in contrast to Battlefield 5).

And what’s next? It might be hard to top this fat bite, but Galactic Civilizations III is at least trying. ©

 The re is no lack of superlatives in the manufacturer’s description of the game. “Biggest space strategy game”, “one of the biggest 4X strategy games of all time” – at least that makes you curious. ©

 The  Stardock title was originally released on May 14, 2015, has a long-term rating of 76 percent and was then expanded with a ton of DLCs. This leads to the Ultimate Edition, which bundles the “Crusade” and “Retribution” extensions and also contains the content of the “Mega Events” add-on.

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Epic Free Games 2021: ©

 The  current free games [Update]


 The  current Epic Free Games 2021 – what’s next after Crying Suns? PCGH is introducing all of the free games in the Epic Games Store. <strong>Epic Free Games: </strong>Kommende Woche mit Star Wars

Epic Free Games: Next week with Star Wars

With which game is Epic Games starting a new round of free games? After Crying Suns, which is available now, Star Wars follows. <strong> Free in the Epic Games Store: Game for KW2 invites you to space battles </strong> (16)” src=”×133/2021/01/Crying-Suns-Screenshot-1–pcgh_b2teaser_169.jpg”/></span></span><span class=

Free on the Epic Games Store: Game for KW2 invites you to space battles

Free in the Epic Games Store: ©

 The  game for KW2 invites you to space battles.

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PCGH Plus: Exclusive deals, better conditions for developers and free games for defectors: Epic Games is massively attacking Steam. We therefore took a closer look at the challenger. ©

 The  article is from PC Games Hardware 04/2019.
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