The Jon Schaffer Case: When a Guitar Hero Storms the Capitol – Rock & Pop


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                                What to do when artists go astray?  Heavy metal star Jon Schaffer took part in the riots in Washington and thus disturbed his fans - including BZ editor Karl Heidegger.




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                                    Prologue: Last Tuesday I ordered a bumper sticker from Iced Earth, my favorite band.  The next day, their head, Jon Schaffer, stormed into the Capitol in Washington.  What the hell?

Define fanaticism: someone sacrifices everything he has achieved in his life to a political idea. The closest colleagues, fans all over the world, tours, your own creativity, your own life’s work, possibly your own freedom, everything is subordinate. This someone in question is one of the most prominent heavy metal musicians on the planet: guitarist Jon Schaffer, 52, American from Indiana, has released twelve albums with Iced Earth and has toured the world since the 1990s. In the cross-band project Demons & Wizards with the German singer Hansi Kürsch, he was at the best evening time in 2019 …


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Jon Schaffer Case Guitar Hero Storms Capitol Rock Pop


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