The Wendler calls for action against RTL – Pocher reacts


Michael Wendler only sat on the jury of “DSDS” for a short time. Image: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Wendler calls for action against RTL – Pocher reacts

 The  fact that he was pixelated by RTL in the last edition of “DSDS” actually seems to bother ex-juror Michael Wendler. After he had repeatedly attracted attention with crude conspiracy myths and most recently compared Germany to a concentration camp, the station pulled the rip cord. Wendler was simply cut out or made unrecognizable from the episodes already recorded.

RTL seems to have hit a nerve with the pop singer, he would have liked to see himself on TV. Last week he turned to the broadcaster with a desperate offer. He could make an affidavit that he was neither an anti-Semite, a Nazi nor a Holocaust denier. © The n RTL could please unpixel it again, he suggested via Instagram. Of course, the station did not accept this offer – the Wendler was made unrecognizable again in the current episode on Saturday evening.

Wendler calls for the RTL boycott – and talks about the quota crash

Now the Schlager Schwurbler is trying to take action against RTL with new means. But even this attempt does not exactly promise success. In his Instagram story, he initially complained that RTL had “pixelated out” and “deleted” them because he was making use of his freedom of expression – even though it was part of the Basic Law. “You can only return the favor by not watching it anymore and telling RTL what we think of it,” explains Wendler, thus indirectly calling for a boycott of RTL from his fans.

In his story, in which the Wendler then recommends wholegrain bread and beef roulade from the can as “long-term food for crisis prevention”, he also posts an article that is supposed to prove that “DSDS” suffered a quota crash without him. “Anyone who suppresses freedom of expression will be punished by the audience,” he rejoiced and already sensed a coup. But there he did his math without Oliver Pocher.

“Most successful show of the season”: Pocher reacts to Wendler-Post


 The  article, which Wendler cites as alleged evidence of the drop in ratings that he caused, comes from the online editorial team of the television magazine “TVMovie”. It states that the “DSDS” episode “only achieved a market share of 14.4 percent” on Tuesday evening. “This is a decrease of almost 1.6 percent compared to the previous week.”

“DSDS” with a season record within reach

But whatever is in the text: Whether the drop in ratings is really related to Michael Wendler’s pixelation cannot be assessed. Also, it’s not uncommon for the weekday odds to be lower than the Saturday night odds. So “DSDS” could in the last show from 16.1. even set a relay record. A total of more than four million viewers saw the casting show on Saturday evening. Wendler’s thesis that “DSDS” would lose massive audiences without him is thus refuted.

Of course, Oliver Pocher also noticed this, and never missed an opportunity to expose his favorite enemy, Michael Wendler. “Unfortunately yesterday the most successful show of the season, WITHOUT YOU!”, ©

 The  comedian wrote to Wendler and sent a gleeful kiss emoji afterwards.


 The  possibilities to take action against the supposedly unfair censorship are likely to have slowly been exhausted for Wendler.


Shock moment on the “DSDS” stage: Dieter Bohlen’s bodyguard saves the candidate

This year’s “DSDS” season is not under a lucky star. After juror Michael Wendler spread conspiracy myths and, after broadcasting the first “DSDS” episode, even compared the more stringent corona measures in Germany with a concentration camp, RTL finally pulled the emergency brake. ©

 The  Wendler was cut out of all programs without further ado. Actually enough drama for a season – if it weren’t for the candidates.

Because of course they also cause excitement. A candidate transferred …

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Wendler calls action RTL Pocher reacts


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