Theologians for euthanasia in church institutions


A sister holds the hand of a dying woman (symbolic image)
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Church-diaconal institutions should guarantee the best possible palliative care, but not refuse to commit suicide and advise, support and accompany those willing to die. Protestant theologians demand this.

NWell-known representatives of the evangelical church such as the Hanoverian regional bishop Ralf Meister and the president of the Diakonie, Ulrich Lilie, promote the possibility of an assisted professional suicide in church-diaconal institutions.

Daniel Deckers

in the political editorial department responsible for “The Present”.

In a statement that is available exclusively to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Monday edition), it says that church institutions should ensure the best possible medical and nursing palliative care. At the same time, they should not refuse a person’s freely responsible wish to end their life with medical help.

“Unfortunately there is a long history of guilt in dealing with suicides by the church,” the statement said. Today the “respect for self-determination that comes from the Christian faith” demands advice, support and accompaniment to those willing to die.

Church institutions should be places where suicide can be carried out in a “safe and non-excruciating way”. By professionalizing suicide, which includes the accompaniment of the dying and his relatives by qualified pastors, the undersigned believe that the basis for commercial suicide aid can also be removed.

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Theologians euthanasia church institutions


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