These drugs help with corona disease – coronavirus


Even if there is no cure for Corona, some drugs can reduce mortality by a good third.

 The  immune system reacts to an infection with the coronavirus as it does to severe blood poisoning. Although medication can only alleviate symptoms, studies have shown that it can significantly reduce mortality.


 The  intensive care physician Bernhard Rössler from the Vienna General Hospital was a guest on this topic in the Ö1 lunch journal. “We see that certain drugs can help the same patient on one day and no longer on the other, then the time has passed, so to speak, and the benefit of a drug can no longer be produced,” he said.

First antiviral

Immediately after the virus first enters the host’s body, antiviral drugs such as the Ebola drug Remdesivir help. However, it usually only makes sense to use it in the very first phase, in which the infected person and the medical professional cannot yet determine the disease.

That is why anti-inflammatory drugs are considered to be more relevant. Because “©

 The  immune system reacts as we see it in severe sepsis, severe blood poisoning,” explains Rössler. In the worst case, this could lead to organ failure.



 The  group of corticoids has therefore proven to be the most effective so far. ©

 The  anti-inflammatory effects were able to reduce mortality in intensive care units by a third. ©

 The  cortisone-like dexamethasone is used.

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