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Also this week, new video games vie for your attention, although this time the selection is rather limited. This time, fans of fine stealth action and sci-fi friends with a weakness for arcade shooters will get their money’s worth. In the next few lines we will tell you which two titles you can look forward to in the next few days.

Hitman 3 (PS4, PS5)

Release: 20. Januar 2021

It starts with Agent 47, an old friend who can already look back on numerous video game adventures. His latest assignment in “Hitman 3” marks the end of the current series and is at the same time the first big blockbuster title of the still young year 2021. In spacious areas it is of course your goal again this time to ideally target your target person (s) as much as possible inconspicuous way to convey to the afterlife. In the best series tradition, you are of course free to choose how you want to eliminate your victims.

Ideally, for a good rating you should of course be as subtle as possible, dress up and study your target person. Alternatively, you can use gun force to mow down everything that gets in your way, but this is not necessarily appropriate for a contract killer like Agent 47. On the PlayStation 5, players can look forward to a cooler 4K look and a free PS4 copy of the title. If you get the last-gen version first, you can download the PlayStation 5 version for free later.

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Redout: Space Assault (PS4)

Release: 22. Januar 2021

If you’re in the mood for some neat space action, “Redout: Space Assault” from 34BigThings might be worth a look. This is an arcade shooter that also has some Rougelike elements. © The  main focus is on the tough battles in the vastness of space in 2395.

All your missions should be part of a bitter struggle for a new living space for humanity. For over 100 years people have been looking for a new home all over the solar system, but only recently have reports circulating that the search has been successful. All of this creates conflicts that you will be drawn into. You can decide whether you want to join the settlers or rather fight for the rebels.

Will you get one of the two games?

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