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Infected nurses, dozens of dead: The corona situation is dramatic in many German nursing homes. Onetudie has now determined which people are particularly ahead Covid-19 need to be protected.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports a persistently high number of new corona infections in nursing homes. “There are outbreaks nationwide in various districts which, according to the data transmitted to the RKI, are currently primarily related to old people’s and nursing homes, private households and the professional environment,” says the current RKI management report. According to the RKI, around every fifth person infected in nursing homes has died since the beginning of the pandemic.

A very decisive point in the dramatic situation is the lack of staff. More and more employees in old people’s and nursing homes become infected and fail to provide care. Sometimes they stick with the residents unnoticed SARS-CoV-2 so that the virus circulates unchecked in the facilities. This leads to serious courses and deaths in the risk groups.

US study determines risk factors for Covid-19 in nursing homes

A recent study by US researchers published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that some nursing home residents are particularly at risk. The scientists looked for factors that increased the risk of dying within 30 days of the first positive corona test. To do this, they evaluated data from more than 5,000 nursing home residents suffering from Covid-19.

This resulted in the following risk factors:

  • old age
  • the male gender,
  • Diseases like Diabetes or chronic kidney disease,
  • Symptoms like fever, shortness of breath, lack of oxygen and racing heart as well
  • cognitive and physical impairments.

The scientists found that age in particular is a major risk factor. The older the nursing home residents were, the greater their risk of dying within 30 days of being diagnosed with corona. Compared to patients between 75 and 79 years old, patients between 80 and 84 years of age had 1.46 times as much, patients between 85 and 89 years of age 1.59 times as high, and patients who were at least 90 Years old, 2.14 times the risk of death. Women had a lower risk of death than men.

The researchers also identified two diseases that increased the risk of death for nursing home residents. These are diabetes and chronic kidney disease. However, there was no significant association between diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease, and heart failure high blood pressure and found increased mortality.

In terms of symptoms, patients with fever, shortness of breath, lack of oxygen (hypoxia), and palpitations (tachycardia) were at increased risk of death. Cognitive and physical impairments were also among the risk factors. The study authors concluded that these individuals are particularly particular Covid-19 need to be protected and vaccinated as a matter of priority.

Corona vaccination: Nursing home residents are first vaccinated against Covid-19. (Source: Political-Moments / imago images)

Corona infections despite vaccination – how can that be?

The national vaccination strategy provides that very old people as well as residents and employees of old people’s and nursing homes as well as medical staff at particularly high risk are vaccinated first. The Biontech Pfizer vaccine has now been given to hundreds of thousands of nursing home residents.

The great hope: if you are immune after the corona vaccination, this can prevent a great many deaths. But current cases in retirement homes show that infections can occur even after the Covid-19 vaccinations. In a nursing home in Dortmund, for example, 15 new corona cases were found after the vaccinations. How can this happen?

So far only the first dose has been vaccinated. To build up full vaccination protection with the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer, however, two vaccinations are required within three weeks. According to experts, there is no adequate protection immediately after the first vaccination. “After the vaccination, it takes about ten days for the vaccine to work properly and for the immune system to form antibodies, and within this time you can still get infected. That cannot be ruled out,” said the science journalist Ruth Schulz in a WDR article.

However, a Covid 19 disease caused by the corona vaccination can affect Dr. According to Hermann Lorenz, be excluded. He is a doctor and coordinator of the mobile vaccination team in the Herford district. He assured the WDR: “Since no viruses are vaccinated, you cannot get sick through this vaccination, that can definitely be ruled out.”

RKI: AHA rules are also important after vaccination

The Robert Koch Institute points out that it is imperative to comply with the recommended hygiene measures, such as wearing a face mask, even after the corona vaccination.

Important NOTE: The information is in no way a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. The contents of t-online cannot and must not be used to independently make diagnoses or start treatments.

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