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Brooklyn Beckham is expanding its tattoo collection on his fiancée’s birthday. However, the motif initially raises questions in its fan base.

Beckham offspring Brookyln (21) is madly in love with his fiancée Nicola Peltz (26), which he impressively proves several times on her birthday: He not only publishes a clip with the most beautiful on his Instagram channel Romantic snapshots of the two lovebirds, but also get a new tattoo for this festive occasion. But that only has to do with the beautiful actress at second glance.

Name tattoo as an eternal keepsake

Because it is not Nicolas’ name that now adorns Brooklyn’s wrist, but that of her grandmother Gina (†), who had only died last year. Presumably he wants to show the Beckham son his deep connection to the family of his future wife and like Nicola to keep the memory of her beloved grandma in honor forever. With the Peckerl, Brooklyn clearly hit the mark with his fiancée, who is already talking about the “best birthday present”.

Beckham Clan congratulates daughter-in-law

Although Nicolas and Brooklyn’s dream wedding is still a long way off because of the pandemic, the actress and billionaire daughter has long since felt the full load of family love. Her future mother-in-law Victoria Beckham (46) not only wants to be responsible for her wedding gown, but also sends delightful birthday wishes: “We love you so, so much,” writes the designer of her daughter-in-law. “Kisses from all of us.”

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Beckham Peckerl puzzles fans People


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